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  1. I have tried it, I think. It was in a 22oz bottle. What does the label look like.

    The best darks I've tried are probably Sam Adams Cream Stout, Guiness Draft, and a new favorite is a cafe porter from Bridgeport. The Bridgeport cafe porter has an amazing after taste. It has the flavor of an expensive beer, but is typically $8 a six pack.

    For now I have gone with Deschuttes Redchair NWPA. It's pretty good, and it was on sale for $11 a twelve pack. I needed a break from the dark beers because I had been milking a 12 pack of Deschuttes Black Butte Porter for the last couple of weeks. I only have a few when I drink, so a six pack lasts me a week generally.
  2. I have tried the Blue moon with honey and it alright. For really good stout see if you can find Wolaver's Oatmeal Stout. It really really good.
  3. Ha, I caught you over here...just left you a pm at the mane. Have you tried Blue Moons Ale with Honey? It's on sale at the local Alberston's for $11 a 12 pack and I'm considering trying it. I usually like stouts and porters, but also ocassionally enjoy a good Ale as long as it's not too sweet.

    So, have you tried it?
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