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  1. I would also live in Texas.
  2. Well, go eat something you fat fvck!

    Love you, brother.
  3. I'm just grumpy and hungry.
  4. Also, don't be such a pvssy!
  5. Good grief King. They provide what THAT society needs and desires. It doesn't matter what some high finance attorney from Southern Illinois thinks.

    Its what makes America, America.
  6. Unless, of course, those two sentences are correct. I'm sorry, but small towns with a Krogers and three churches aren't really giving us great cultural contributions.
  7. I mean, your last two sentences say it all. You're biased, and will look for "facts" that support your opinion.
  8. BUt do you reaaaaaaaally think those facts are skewed? Or do you want them to be? Look, I wouldn't refuse anyone legal service. And lord ******* knows everyone I'm friends down here with (including the love of my life) is conservative. So, what do you want from me? There's no culture. No great contributions. Nothing.
  9. Love ya man, but even "facts" can be skewed to suit an argument. You, of all people, should know this.
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