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  1. I read about that, and applaud the University.

    I think you would find this interesting.
  3. You tore through Poor Cugel today.
  4. Lynch is the man.
  5. I know you weren't meaning any offense, but the comments are true. It's all love my man.
  6. You're too kind. Something my Dad told me a LONG time ago, that he was told by someone else:

    Brother, being real is the only way.

    I've tried to live my life by that.
  7. You're a good man, Joe.
  8. Oh no you're fine. The only times I have ever really taken offense to a comment like that was when it was serious - for instance one of my 'friends' called my dad a sand-******. He was no longer my friend.

    I knew you were kidding.
  9. Love ya, man! We have philosophical differences, but we're not all that far apart on most things.
  10. I did not know you took my words with any form of seriousness. That's nice to know, Joe. Thank you.
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