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  1. It's so funny
  2. That sig gif - dude - i cant unsee it but at the same time I'm completely enamored by it LOL
  3. Ooops wrong page - LOL sorry
  4. What?
  5. I always get the hardest questions against you - so not fair
  6. Thank you!!! You are a very nice person despite being a Bengals fan
  7. You are a very nice person who happens to be a cougar. Their reality is separated from that of others and yet they are ignorant of this.
  8. It's a term used to celebrate the defeating of your foes.
  9. I also miss heather
  10. I can take solace in that - but clay's betrayal cuts DEEP - I think we should sneak into his house and steal all the fabric softener so his socks are hard and scratchy
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