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  1. Nah, you post enough in my mind and im no spring chicken.
  2. Appreciate it, but I don't post enough or add value to the forum to get consideration. Whereas, you do and I was surprised it took so long for you to be selected. Besides, I'm too old to worry about it.
  3. Just for the record, you were one of my selections. Only a matter of time before you are in though.
  4. I was going by some draft website and i they included some compensatory picks. I dont know how accurate it is in terms of what picks we actually have but just went by what they had. It will change before next year im sure.
  5. Some gal named Maria Ford. Pretty isnt she? lol
  6. She is badass.... lol
  7. North, The girl in my avy is actually Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend. Her name is Bryianna Noelle.
  8. Dude, who is that in your avy? She is SMOKIN.
  9. Not sure Trav, usually i tag the pictures but this time i didnt.
  10. A chick named Julie Crown.
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