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  1. You're all good!
  2. Love you! <3
  3. Not that I'm a mod, but I don't think that the thread needs to be moved. It's heated, but civil, and didn't turn into a bunch of shittery.

    You've nothing to be sorry for.
  4. I deleted it anyways, I didn't see that it hadn't been moved. Sorry.
  5. And to respond to Jaded's comment below. hate everything. If you actually liked something, I'd check to see if you had a fever!
  6. Then she wasn't the right girl, you don't need that kind of negative in your life.
  7. I like funny but ****** up
  8. This place will probably go away, maybe we find a new home, maybe we don't. All because a few had to be *********. At this point, I don't know that I care all that much. People can't be cool with each other, it's more fun being ********. You did good in that thread, but it won't help. The biggest asses are also the best victims.
  9. Phew, I thought you were seriously mad at me. Can't be having that!
  10. It's okay GEM, I was trying to be funny and probably took my comment too far. My humor button is off lately -- no one is at fault. You know I adore you.
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