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  1. I know you did. As always, I enjoy the playful banter w you. Who do we troll today?
  2. I'm fried my man. The end of law school is in sight and I'm not at my best. I thought you were kidding, but I'm dying. I'm about to order a Chubb jersey, still deciding on the color, though.
  3. I love you and enjoyed the playful back and forth. What I am getting at though is that Chubb was never supposed to be there, and so I never considered him a viable possibility. The second I saw that Chubb was falling and that Cleveland didn't have to take him at four, I was going nuts. Chubb is the best player in the draft to me (followed narrowly by Barkley). Afterwards, because I don't believe in CK, I went back to posting for Rosen, because I did want him, but in a trade. I would take Chubb over anyone in the draft.

    I think you would like these guys. It's a forum of law professors who write about the law and cover the myriad of issues in it. They tend to be a little conservative, which I like because I tend to favor textualism, and there are less and less conservative law professors these days. Thought you might like it.
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