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  1. Run someone off? Asking someone to not troll every single thread and not insult someone personally (inferring I'm somehow a bandwagon fan, I'm not a man, how Dodger fans are all gang members and violent, and some 'big city commentary' that reeked of political violations) isn't running someone off. No. I won't capitulate. If 'running someone off' is literally reporting posts as requested by the mods and literally going "Hey man, could you please stop?" then sure, that's running someone off. But that's just not what that is. Sometimes one person is in the right and the other person is in the wrong. And sometimes the person in the right isn't going to falsely take blame for something they didn't do. If you don't know what the comments were, and if you don't know how extensive the trolling was (how long is a season again) maybe you shouldn't throw people under the bus. It bums me out because when I was 'going about it the right way' I was literally doing it so as not to burden the board's mods. Your opinion is duly noted.
  2. This board is small enough, we don't need to run each other off. Just some childish ass shit from both sides.
  3. You're all good!
  4. Love you! <3
  5. Not that I'm a mod, but I don't think that the thread needs to be moved. It's heated, but civil, and didn't turn into a bunch of shittery.

    You've nothing to be sorry for.
  6. I deleted it anyways, I didn't see that it hadn't been moved. Sorry.
  7. And to respond to Jaded's comment below. hate everything. If you actually liked something, I'd check to see if you had a fever!
  8. Then she wasn't the right girl, you don't need that kind of negative in your life.
  9. I like funny but ****** up
  10. This place will probably go away, maybe we find a new home, maybe we don't. All because a few had to be *********. At this point, I don't know that I care all that much. People can't be cool with each other, it's more fun being ********. You did good in that thread, but it won't help. The biggest asses are also the best victims.
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