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  1. I appreicate it very much DS. Enjoy and I hope everything is good for you....
  2. Hello DS, you and SB are true fans of the Raiders and I respect you guys.

    Check out this great youtube channel

    I love these videos. Take care and hope life is treating you good .

  3. Where are the great sigs? I miss them. part of the fun being here. I always hope you are well...John
  4. Best avys ever. BTW good win vs my mistake filled Broncos. I hope you are well.
  5. Happy Holidays Med!!!
  6. Mery Xmas to you and your family my friend. keep up the great sigs and avys.
  7. Hey welcome back man. How you doing?
  8. Hope you are well my friend. Chime in on Brett if you like. I go overboard for smack purposes but you undersand my thoughts. btw how are the natives handling the Jets losing. I give them credit they fought hard. I hate Rex but respect the team and hope they beat out NE next year.
  9. lol we only have one chance.

    Houston to win
    Jets to lose
    Broncos to win.

    otherwise its not good.

    also I agree that Broncos problems are bigger than thought.

    McD has to stop trying to be BB. he is not him
  10. Come on French Frye win vs the Ravens. Bring back Plunkett to Cliff Branch
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