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  1. Lol, of all the people to check in, I wouldn't have expected you, but thanks Joe, I appreciate it. I'm good man. It's been a really, really, really rough couple of months. I took a job to move here and after we'd already dumped half our savings into remodeling this house, the job fell through. I ended up delivering pizzas for a month, got a job with ADT and things are starting to normalize. I wrecked my car two nights ago doing a deliver and quit my job (thankfully, not much damage to me, but the other guy is going to try and take me for everything I'm worth....he was a real dickbag about it) so I dunno....

    It's stressful, but good. Once I get past the wreck situation and start building my savings back up, we'll be in a lot better situation than we were before the move. Thankfully, my ADT job has a lot of OT available and I make about twice there what I made delivering pizzas so I'll be able to make it all work out eventually, just may be crazy from working my ass off afterwards (I've already been working 6am-8pm 3-4 days a week between the two jobs)
  2. Hey - how are things going with you? I know you moved and started a new job - just hoping all is going well for you and the family!
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