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  1. Lol Dang, thats savage man. hahahaa
  2. Ooooooh, its on like Donkey Kong. Time to revive the BTB/Anubis hate ship! Lol
  3. Except i didnt call out anyone specifically Wave. And i do think its important that we ALL get on board with these violent ******** from both ends and i do think its important for EVERYONE to call it out when it happens. if you or Abe dont feel you fall into that group of people that im talking about than there is no need to speak up on it right?
  4. Maybe worry about you own political takes and don't forum police everyone else. Making other posters the topic and trying to bait them isn't going to foster any sort of productive discussion.
  5. Nah, no trolling. Only fact here brother. You guys get so worked up over a tweet by the President but whenever there is something pointed out on the left that is obviously a problem you guys go suspiciously quiet. You guys need to be brave, show some solidarity against acts of violence like that. Dont just show your anger and outrage with Nazi punks act like *********, show that same anger and outrage with leftist nut jobs act like douchebags. Be brave and speak up on that shit. You guys are better than that.
  6. Yea, i had him on ignore but took him off. That was clearly a mistake. That wont happen again. LOL
  7. Gotcha, i admit i came into that discussion late. Noted.
  8. Ok but that discussion was about people mobbing Senate offices and sending senators clotheshangers. That's who shake was saying is in the minority. I don't think anyone on this board is in that group, which would support shakes point.
  9. Its not about them not being smart guys Waver and i like both guys enough. But when it comes to politics I just dont see either of them very moderate or able to have any objective thinking, at least most of the time. Shake is really about the only guy ive seen take a level headed stance to most of the issues that we discuss on this forum with politics.
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