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  1. You just made my day, thank you (big heart) since we don't have one to post. <3 as close as it gets kid. Stay safe
  2. Thank you Pola! So nice to hear from you! Once life is back to normal after this storm we need to catch up!

    Hope you're well!
  3. I am so relieved and thank you again for posting. You and your wife will figure out the rest. I have no idea how homeowners ins works where you live but that's why you have it. Take care and stay safe. big, big hugs
  4. We’re getting the vaccine as soon as our group comes up. I got her for my Dad as a rescue. She was good enough company that he didn’t move in any other girlfriends to childhood home. She did her job. Then when he couldn’t take care of her I went and got her. She adjusted with us right away and has been a great buddy to Gary. So I’m good with giving her extra care since I’m home all the time. She’s trained me well. So glad to see you here, this makes me so happy. You are what leadership looks like, giant hugs.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that, it's so hard to go through. Seventeen, what a blessing to have so many years though! Our oldest, Lucy, is almost 13 now. She's doing great still, even if her little face is entirely grey and she's getting cataracts, hopefully we have a long time left with her!

    We're planning on getting the vaccine as soon as we're able. Want life to get back to normal!
  6. Our dog is 17 and is in her last days. It started Nov 3 with a major seizure and I thought she couldn’t last a week. But she’s super stubborn and has recovered but had a few more less seizures, but she’s not in any pain. It’s like she has a major adrenaline shot and can’t sit and tries to squeeze in the dangest places ��. So I’m a full time doggie nurse and I’m OK with it. She is blind, deaf and has tumors everywhere. We think she has a tumor close to her brain that could be causing her seizures. She hasn’t told me she’s ready for that last trip yet so I’m really practicing one day at a time. As weird as it sounds all this helping me accept everything I can’t change and strengthen my spiritual life. Which is good for a few posters on here������. Hugs my dear friend.
  7. I’m with you 100%! So disappointed in our nation the last year, we handled the pandemic terribly as a people,mute liberal factions rioting all summer and now the conservatives doing the same earlier this week. So disappointing.

    Happy new year, hopefully it’s much better than the last!

    How are you doing besides all this?
  8. It's so good to see you my friend, esp on that page. Hey its all good and I'm taking it with a grain of salt, a really small grain. I've missed you so much. I almost dm of Twitter. Weds made me so sad and I needed my buddy. I'm a lot better today letting go of everything and it's dang big list I can't control. Happy New Year my friend.
  9. I definitely feel MUCH better about this team than I did a year ago. I’m excited for the future and looking forward to seeing how Vic and John build this team together! Have a happy New Year Pola, hope to see you next year! Mark the Saints game on your calendar when the schedule comes out!
  10. It's so cool to be excited again. I'm glad we finally have a Coach and a QB. This team is so young I'm glad I'll get to see them grow. Have a very, very Happy New Years!
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