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  1. My heart is racing.
  2. I said message board friend. You're more than my message board friend, you dolt!
  3. I'm on Paxil for depression.
  4. I'm on the same sentence, on the same page, on the same book, in and on the same edition of the book, as you friend. No offense was taken.
  5. So you know, I didn't mean a conversation with you, just talking politics in general.
  6. That I would enjoy
  7. A real conversation is always worth the bloodpressure. One day, when I amount to something in life we'll have it face to face.
  8. I disagree but won't argue. Not worth the blood pressure.
  9. Well the Republicans on various levels of government are actively trying to do so. And seeing how the majority exists on the federal level for the Republicans, as well as POTUS candidates campaigning on such things being true, am I really being unfair? I don't think so.

    Here's another way to think of it, though. Let's presume that the liberals are trying to take your guns away and would, and that each talking point or mainstream/partisan issue operates in that sense. If I were to make a list of things I, or the country would lose, I can tell you I wouldn't be voting red.
  10. Not denying that, but to say they will try or can make it happen is no different than saying every Democrat wants my guns. No difference at all.
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