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  1. Phew, I thought you were seriously mad at me. Can't be having that!
  2. It's okay GEM, I was trying to be funny and probably took my comment too far. My humor button is off lately -- no one is at fault. You know I adore you.
  3. I am really sorry. I in no way, shape, or form would ever in this lifetime want you to not be here. It was a thoughtless joke and from the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry.
  4. Do you have FB?
  5. Thank you. Mental health is so largely ignored and I see so much of it in Denver. We literally put more money into dog parks instead of the homeless guy talking to himself. It's just plain disgusting.
  6. He's gets so freaking offended by all of it, not sure why he continues to go in the thread and then gets pissy and goes away all mad. It's all rather silly.
  7. I'm not mad at you. I thought it was funny as shit.
  8. I don't take personal jabs lightly. If someone is going to come at me, I come back 10 times harder. 3 pages of comments worse than mine and I get some low blow bullshit. Eff that.
  9. I am an Uncle now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. How is your sister?
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