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  1. I have to say this has been probably the best week of being a Bronco fan since Elway retired. I wish the season would start next month. BTW glad you are back all the time. You are pure class my friend and if you are going to the Pats vs Broncos game let me know as I am going for sure. My brotherinlaw has season tix and I told hime that I want that game, please.
  2. Hello my friend. Today I finally feel that we can rid ourselves of the last of the McDaniels fiasco. It is nice to feel
    that we can move on now. I hope that this is good and we at least go 10-6 and make a run. No luck next year. The sched is tough.
    I think opening night will be in NE on Sunday or Monday night. I am already going to that game. I cant wait. I hope you can go and I can meet the legend of Mtn Man
  3. I hope that life is treating you well my friend. I love to see you back on here. You have ALWAYS been one of my favorites. Hope your New Years was great as well.
  4. I hope all is well. BTW I had to ask you a loaded question in my response to your post. Just curious. We suck as a team so it really does not matter but would love your take.
  5. Hey MB,

    Things are interesting around here, but I'm hanging in there. Thanks for asking.

    Hope you're doing well.
  6. I hope all is well my conservative friend.
  7. Not bad Mtn Man. Just busy with work and my son. I hope you are well.
  8. No problem. Maybe in the Long run Denver will be better, we shall see. I am kinda skeptical right now
    but I have been wrong so much that I cant count that high lol.
  9. Always good hearing from you. Thanks for the well wishes.
  10. Hey Mtn I know you are unhappy over the cutler trade. I have been kind of harsh on him but I am unhappy on both sides to be honest. Also I wish you the best in your business as well. Your friend Med.
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