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  1. I'm sure I do...
  2. Lmao, you take this board WAY to serious dude. But if you want to ignore me go right ahead. Dilly Dilly
  3. Back to the pit of ignore list with you, dilly dilly....
  4. When people start making digs at you just because you don't agree with them... It's detrimental to healthy conversation. At that point, I can find other people to talk to.

    We can disagree without getting personal about it...
  5. As I've recently learned through P&R the stuff that gets talked about on here isn't worth getting upset about. I don't really need to try to persuade anyone to agree with me because chances are I won't change their mind anyway.
  6. Totally agree.
  7. I guess my thing is, we won 9 games with him this year. That's with him "playing terrible and not improving" as some around here claim. I have a hard time believing that with a better o-line and an actual running game we couldn't pick up 2-3 games. That's going to be enough to at minimum make the playoffs and at best get a bye.

    Some people just want to put their strange dislike of the guy ahead of the good of the team... Maybe Trevor really does never improve from what he is, maybe he really is just a "Game Manager" But to me it makes no sense starting lynch before he's ready, unless the plan is to take for the first pick and grab another 1st round QB. Who knows though, that's probably what they are hoping for.
  8. Totally agree. I cant say with a 100% certainty that Siemian will amount to anything but man, one year to become a HOF just isnt logical on any level. lol
  9. It was just frustrating because I thought I was being fairly clear with everyone what I was wanting (maybe not) and instead everyone clings to arguing with me about what I'm asking and then there is buff basically trying to get me riled up on purpose because of something I said off the cuff pages ago...

    I get frustrated when I say the same thing 5 different ways lol. All good, sorry for lashing out at you.
  10. Its all good. Sometimes its best to step away anyway. I have to do it all the time. lol
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