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  1. Yeah, pretty much.
  2. It's all shit and nothing matters. Still love you, homie.
  3. I got you!
  4. Homie, you might wanna check that set I just posted. Freakin' dope, IMO.
  5. You saying you're going to e awful to the Lock Flock.
  6. What is this in regards to? I'm confused.
  7. You do you, fam. Kinda seems like a waste of time and energy, though. Shane's gone, and HamSammich is too dumb to even know he's being trolled.
  8. It is a storied and legendary city. There is something distinctly American about it. And the fans flock there; even if they sometimes be opposing. I love that place; hod I wish I was there.
  9. If you made promises to GEM or Layne, it is what it is. I wouldn't want you to go Shane on us.
  10. I'm conflicted because my dad raised to be careful what you wish for, and he's a real wishful mother ******. But my mom also raised me to keep my word, and I told the mods I'd be a nicer, gentler, kinder poster.
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