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  1. Mythic has been achieved.
  2. On a hot streak for Mythic!
  3. Mtga ho
  4. Dearest Kingston,

    I am flush with receipt of your missive and joyful indeed. Yes, I applaud your concession to the fleeting advantages of age. Yet, I do not know if the Broncos are well.

    Stay warm and may the travails of a career in law keep you nimble and hungry.


  5. Dearest Hawg, thank you for noticing my posts on being old vs being OLD. I felt like it was a fitting thing to argue in that thread, as in the past I have declared a preference for youth. While I think different age groups have different strengths and weaknesses, I did want to point out that there's a difference from being an old man and being an old maaaaaaaaaaaaan. 1
  6. Hawg, how do I learn math?
  7. What do I make of

    1) They dislike the Trump administration.
    2) They dislike constraints put on immigration.
    3) I'm not sure what they want, and why that matters. I presume they want a softer touch on immigration, and that existing policies and choices are harming our country. I'd like to know more, but I would have hoped they would have addressed some of the practical issues of immigration that make many of us skeptical of asylum and other immigration techniques. The most obvious of which is that America is a great country with opportunity and many social programs that any (relatively and financially speaking) poor person in the world would prefer to their country of birth. I don't think 'pretend I'm an America-seeking missile' is something we should promote. At the same time, America is at its best when it stands for an ideal of equal opportunity and a certain set of values--values which include helping out the downtrodden.
  8. The big question is what do I make of you asking my opinion about an immigration justice website with a running tally of grievances...and I'm not sure. If you want to exact justice, take cases as they come pro bono while you feed your family. The cause and website itself? I fully support those who seek justice under existing law for individuals and families who are worth asylum. If you can find a living doing that, it seems a noble purpose. I have significant reservations from full endorsement, the most straightforward and harsh of which is please put away your my little pony friendship is magic playkit and do some hard work on the policy and data before you launch headlong into an appeal to emotion. I don't know what to say. Honestly it seems like a waste of time, but as a spoiled citizen of a great nation I feel like I should be more excitable about the issue. I think if all the now fully US-citizen immigrants I knew weren't so opposed to how much the system is being gamed, and how poorly it functions in reality vs. an ideal hope, I'd care more. If I could help out dudes like Slick and his family transition back to having no issues with the federal gov for a reasonable price, I'd like that. But as far as a 'cause' I think it's a little too starry-eyed. Hope that helps.
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