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  1. Good god I want that!! (not the calories though)
  2. Saw this and thought of you - of course - miss talking with my favorite foodie
  3. I have no way of contacting WTE, thanks for the post!
  4. Wish I had caught you when you made your brief return - Ive stayed away mostly but had to stop in after the big win. Truly hope all is well with you. I miss you and WTE - probably two of my favorite people on here. If you talk to him send him my regards. Hugs
  5. Slacker
  6. I didn't get one :p
  7. I got mine - have you gotten yours?
  8. Neither do I
  9. Congrats - as much as it hurts to say it - it was a great game!!!
  10. I don't disagree with your title at all!
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