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  1. Thanks Digital. I hope that he does well in the NFL. If he keeps his head on straight, I think he will
  2. He knows his limitations and tries to stay within them. He does have the physical tools to succeed but Coach Carroll was not happy that he left after only 1 year as a starter. It is rumored that Coach Carroll didn't think he was quite ready mentally to handle the pressures of the NFL but Sanchez dismissed Carroll's advise and went pro while the iron was hot.
    He needs some coaching and may be best suited to sit for a year behind a vet, but he could be an above average QB as long as he is not looked to carry a team. He doesn't quite have that kind of talent.
  3. Being a USC guy, how good is Sanchez? Is he good enough to be a solid to very good QB that
    will not make mistakes.
  4. I saw it earlier and was going to commend you on it. Very nice!
  5. from one Whaler fan to another, see my sig.
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