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  1. Right there with you. I want Champ, Mike Adams, David Bruton, Krup and Wesley to have that chance. Their time is really getting short of having this opportunity and for me Mike was with the Browns and stayed with it. I think he's gone so I really want him to have it and Champ he's endured so much esp with McD so it's his time. Of course it would great for Peyton but he does have one it could these guys last chance....Go Broncos!
  2. Yea, it's been a great year. Really great two years, even as bad as the Bal game ended. Would really love to see Champ and some of the other vets get a championship before they retire.
  3. Thanks....I thought it was just me. I want this so bad for the boys, but I'm just so happy that they are going. They have given me more than I could dream of this year....
  4. Thanks. Yea, it's hard. He was 14, so I knew at most we only had a few more years, but he was basically healthy, and then bam, a large tumor. Toughest thing about having dogs and other pets is out living them. I think I'm ok on the bags. I had backordered some via the Broncos online shop, and I should be getting one in the mail from the ticket office. Thanks for asking.
  5. Oh I just saw this about Buddy.....I'm so sorry...I know how much it hurts to loose your friend/family like that.....will keep you in my healing thoughts. The reason I came here was I'm going to the store on Weds to see if more bags came in. Do you want me to pick one up for you? They are suppose to have mailed one to you for being a season ticket holder. The guy I buy my tickets from kept both of them of course....let me know....p
  6. Yea. I've been apprehensive and not wanting to get to excited about a deep playoff run. Baltimore had me worried, because we caught them at a real low point last time. They have vets and lots of playoff experience, and a real good coach. More than that, what really worried me was if Broncos would have a sloppy, turnover laden game, which is what they did early in the year to lose games. Without those Holliday returns, who knows if the Broncos would have even gone to OT.
  7. Bless your hearts... man I've had a bad feeling for 2 weeks. I even got Von to give me gloves before I left....just in case....dang it!!!!
  8. Yea, I know you don't miss many games. Work, especially when it's your business, has to take precedence some times. Glad I went shopping, or I don't think I could have made it. Got a cheap ($15) thin down jacket at JC Penney, and then got a real heavy duty underarmor sweatshirt that was on sale, but still expensive. That, combined with the Carhart thermals I already had, and several layers of shirts, and I wasn't too bad except for my hands and feet. I really needed some thick insulated winter gloves, rather than the thin leather jobs I had with thinsulate.

    It really was brutal. Really impressed my wife made it up until overtime, then went inside. When I saw how cold it was going to be, I sold my tickets and bought club tickets, so she would have an inside area to go into. Cost me some bucks, but in the end, I'm glad I did. Gave her, and me, a chance to thaw out at half time, and her a chance to get warm at the end of regulation.

    Now we start looking forward to next year.
  9. This will be the first time in 10 years that I couldn't tell the guys goodbye at the end of a season. I feel sad and sometimes really hate being a grown up.
  10. I was worried about you. It's cold here in Tucson so I thought dang it's got to be brutal there. Hope you feel your toes soon. A hot shower can help, I've done that travels
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