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  1. Crossing my fingers and toes. From your mouth to God's ear, I'm going to put this statement in a safe place and take you up on it, good luck with powerball....
  2. I'm going to need a Co-Chair next year. So just move to CO, you know you want to and I'll put you right to work, for no pay, like this place.... Have a great weekend...p
  3. Hey what are you doing up this late??? Before you ask the same. I finished a 3 road shows that totaled 6000 miles in 3 weeks. Fell asleep 4 hours ago and thought I would read some before I went to bed for real. Love reading your logic, thanks for having it.

    Meck's Golf Tourn is Monday, so today was trying to do the 100 little things to get it all together. I think it's all come together, will have Eddie Mac and Haven Moses this year along with Steve Foley so "the fan" in me is looking forward to it.
  4. Hey Tned, thank you for allowing us to give high five's like you do. With so few of us in on the hockey link we are giving high fives to the same posters over and over, esp with the playoffs. I hated not being able to do that on other sites, in fact whenever I read something I like I'm looking for the high five, talk about a muscle reflex. Have a great weekend...p
  5. Man, you shouldn't scare an old women like that. When I logged on last night and saw you message I thought what did I do, I've been gone, then I read it and went, oh that. Looks like you travel to many cool places, hope you had fun. Just got home from Chicago and Paducah, KY for 2 weeks glad to be home, the dogwoods were pretty though....
  6. So how tired is your eye from all the winking......Have great weekend Tned....
  7. Tned thank you for always being so patience with everything. Rough month and will probably get worse before it gets better, but you are a true constant around here and I thank you for it...p
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