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  1. In the words of that fine Motel 6.......I'll keep the light on.. Hey I love ribbing and smart humor, but bickering.....get super, duper , did I say super OLD!
  2. lol, that didn't bother me one bit. Now, if things keep up the way they're going, I might have to move into your positive only thread -- the bickering is bothering, but not some good natured ribbing...
  3. thanks....sorry about the closet thing but that's all I could think of and it was so dang funny in my head..... Have a great week and gets lots done so you can have a great trip.
  4. Mike Mayock, NFL Network draft expert (their version of Mel Kiper) said when the Broncos drafted Ayers that by his third year (or after it), he would be considered the best player to come out of the '09 draft. He had him ranked something like 3rd best defensive player, but that's because he felt Ayers would take a few years to be the best defensive player coming out of that draft.
  5. Yep, that makes sense. When the game isn't on a line, but he's being evaluated, he's overthinking things, trying to make sure he gets it 'right', and in doing so, he doesn't get it right, or seems behind the curve. When he gets in the game, then he just reacts.
  6. You know my husband brought up another point that I had not thought of till now. Shy people, and he's shy, sometimes overthink things. They are worried that they will make a mistake and try to go over everything in their head before they act. When you in the middle of a actual activity you stop overthinking, this actually makes the most sense to me now.
  7. No, it did, and I understand what you are saying. Thx. Glad "Broncos Signed Pueblo" returned his name in Google.
  8. That's the one!!!! Did not write his name down and he signed my football, but he was gone so fast I forgot it....thanks. Did my MHS answer your question? If not pm me....p
  9. Kory Sperry??? I didn't actually remember, but did a quick google, and that's the only recent signing I'm seeing that's tied to Pueblo.
  10. Can you remember the kid that was brought in just before the cuts from the Pueblo, CO area, or think of someone who would know what his name is?
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