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  1. I will agree to disagree with you about the severity, but know I still respect you and mean no ill will.....Apologies for the tit for tat....
  2. You can customize the big board if you have a few days to lose.
  3. that's a great site, but the big boards are horrible right now, to early I imagine. I used drafttek big board and my first 4 picks were CB, QB, CB, S lol using BPA. I would be just fine if we managed to pull Qb and CB in rds 1 and 2 be nice to see what happens as the draft heats up. Some of these QB's are underrated. I don't believe our OL is the issue some make it out to be, I think its more scheme and QB related and there is a pretty bad void in this draft at OT. For me we need CB, and QB first and foremost.

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