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  1. Most of those are in Asia Minor/Turkey, except maybe Phillipi (Greece? Was there more than one?). His letter to the Hebrews would probably be Jerusalem
  2. Yes, depending on what you want to call "Middle East", Paul wrote to, and took missions to many "middle Eastern" Churches. Ephesus, Colossae, Philipi, Galatia (my spelling is suspect on all of those I think), are all "Eastern" communities. Right?
  3. LMMFAO! I was hoping you would eventually stumble on my DMB dis
  4. Re :Humor - yeah, humor is intensely personal. I like extremely dry extremely subtle humor, so "zany antics" and the like do almost nothing for me - which is why I don't like Chris farley and didn't like John Belushi. For perfectly timed humor watch one of the old "Thin Man" movies w/ William Powell and Myrna Loy. Friggin' genius

    The only thing worse is sarcasm - there is an old saying to the effect that sarcasm is a stupid man's imitation of wit. Or something like that. Satire, OTOH, can be brilliant!
  5. Well, even I am reluctantly coming to that conclusion, but that has nothing to do with McD improving in my estimation!
  6. So, I see that Clay can finally admit that McD > Obama.
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