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  1. Ah, i see.
  2. Yea, my fear is that police acted poorly based on who they were and where they were, but who knows. They could have also been being disruptive and causing property damage. What little I've seen about the shooting doesn't give much info. Another reason ALL officers should have body cams.
  3. Ah, i see. Gotcha.
  4. I believe you man (regarding Zimmerman). ITs all good.
  5. Here is the video if you havent seen it already.
  6. Yea, the band is called Babymetal. It's what Japan calls Jpop. Look for a song called Give Me Chocolate. They aren't all that bad but it's a unique experience to see. Lol
  7. You were stirred up by BTB, but you guys started mocking us, because you don't agree, rather discuss the differences. I haven't changed my stance, or argued both sides, you just don't understand. Let me try and couch it a different way. Let's say really conservative Christians started a movement to ban music, saying it leads to unclean thoughts, violence, sexual promiscuity, etc. They really are focused on Metal, and it's a given that's going to get banned, but some are pushing for even greater and wider bans, but they are going to start with metal. When some argue that there is no reason to ban heavy metal and it's no more dangerous than Gospel or country or southern fried rock, they say, even if that's true, prove why you can't live without heavy metal or for that matter all music. If you want to be entertained, you still have TV or books.

    That is akin to your argument. You are saying, PROVE, why you can't live without an AR-15 (and the long list of other items they list to ban on the assault weapons list), and if we can't prove why we can't live without it or why we couldn't defend ourselves, that it is a good enough reason to ban it. Do you not see how that logic is reversed, especially when we started with the inherent right that was first written into English common law, and then affirmed in the 2nd amendment?

    LOL, had to go increase the visitor message max length from 1000 to 2000 characters to be able to post this!
  8. I was mocking you? When? Anyway, if i did i apologize. That was not my intent but it did seem like you were changing your argument to fit a different debate. Sorry if i upset you or offended you. Im just confused by the stubborness on this issue. I just dont see it as a big deal as some of you other guys. I have a 9mm Sig and a 9mm police assault rifle. If they came knocking on my door to take the assault rifle i would give it to them freely. I just dont care about it enough and if it makes the public feel safer than great. If they wanted to take my Sig then i would have a problem.
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