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09-03-2007, 08:50 PM
I'm going to launch this one with one I wrote in 2005, I believe.
(Wow, I was a veritable prophet. :shocked: )

There once was a QB named Kerry,
Who didn't know what to do,
The game was getting pretty hairy,
'Cause his defense was letting everyone thru.

So he took the pigskin and threw it far,
But it landed a few feet short
Into the hands of a grateful Bronco
Who keeps the ball today in his carport.

The guy who should have caught it,
His name was Randy Moss,
The QB was good, they said, and he bought it,
So today he's somewhere selling lip gloss.

But the story does have a happy ending,
And completely tarnished is not the Raider name,
Kerry quit when Moss had a fit,
And Oakland finally won a game.


05-26-2008, 02:05 AM
Silver_black, where are you
To take up your cause, my friend?
I want you here, 'midst all your cheer,
When your optimism comes to an end.

The corpse has come up with all this cash
To sign has-beens to save his team,
Don't you kind of dread what's up ahead,
When the corpse lets out a scream? . . .

. . . well, a squeak, anyway.

The future looks bright for the Raiders today,
Is that light up ahead for us? they'll yell,
Imagine the shock, when your team runs amok,
When the light is in the Broncos' camp, pray tell.

Guess I should feel bad, but I'm kind of glad
That we sent another has-been to you by plane,
We sent him your way for a fifth on draft day,
You got Warren, and we snatched up Torain.

Remember last year when you had the line,
And the Broncos could not stop the run?
Well now Sapp has left and you are bereft,
This year, we will be the ones to run.

I guess you'll never gain the upper hand
On the Broncos you do so love to flame,
But you can still think back to the long lost past
When Chokeland could still win a game.



05-28-2008, 06:53 PM
Hey raiders who ya think you're fooling
We know for a win you be a drooling

On an up and coming Monday night
For a win you know there'll be a fight

Our defense will bounce and trounce your heads
And send your offense back to cry in their beds

Our offense will pass and run in your face
We'll have touchdowns all over the place

You'll go home a worried and defeated foe
Only 15 more losses you'll have to go