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08-22-2017, 01:09 PM
I know I've been a bit confused how the pup and nfi lists work so I'm putting this here so I can find it the next time I forget or get confused. :D

Before the first practice of Training Camp for 2016, the Minnesota Vikings made use of two different roster lists. They placed guard Mike Harris and quarterback Taylor Heinicke on the Non-Football Injury List, while placing tight end Rhett Ellison and defensive tackle Kenrick Ellis on the Physically Unable to Perform List.

A lot of people have probably heard of the PUP List, but the NFI list is one thatís used a bit more infrequently. Letís break down the differences between the two.

Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) List

The PUP List gives players who are unable to start Training Camp the ability to sit out until the teamís medical staff gives them the clearance to being practicing. This is generally done for players that had suffered an injury during the prior season that theyíre still rehabbing from, such as Rhett Ellison with his patellar tendon issue. Any player placed on the PUP List is eligible to begin practicing again as soon as theyíre given clearance.

Once a player practices during Training Camp, they are no longer eligible for the PUP List. If a player is taken off of the PUP List, they canít be placed back on it. They would then have to go on Injured Reserve. During their time on the PUP List, players can go through conditioning drills and things of that nature, but they canít practice with the team.

The rest is here: https://www.dailynorseman.com/2016/7/29/12325532/pup-list-vs-nfi-list-what-s-the-difference

08-22-2017, 01:28 PM
It's the reason you might have read things about Jake Butt out after practice running through drills or doing his own walk through.

Anyone on PUP/NFI cannot practice at all during training camp. So, that means if someone gets hurt in the first day of camp, they cannot go on PUP. So, someone like Carlos Henderson hurt during camp, cannot go on PUP and has to either be put on IR or active roster. Where as someone like Booker who was hurt before TC can go on the PUP, but if he takes part in even one practice, he loses PUP status. The NFI guys are players with college injuries (Kelly and Butt) or someone that say hurts themselves on their own time, like when Clady blew out a knee playing basketball.

So, for all practical purposes, NFI and PUP are the same, just a matter of whether they were hurt in college or personal time (NFI) or hurt during the team's off season programs or in the previous season (PUP).