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Denver Native (Carol)
01-29-2017, 07:43 PM
Just had to do it :D

Super Bowl 50 - Panthers vs. Broncos | NFL Full Game


01-29-2017, 08:11 PM
Anyone with NFL Game Pass can get it without commercials and choose between full broadcast, condensed broadcast and game film. Every play.

And they can get all previous 49 Super Bowls although SBs I and II are a tad incomplete.

And they can get every pre-season regular season and post-season game on demand for the past six years.

01-29-2017, 08:14 PM
Oh, and check out the NFL Channel on YouTube which was showing great games of the past 20 or so seasons

01-29-2017, 08:19 PM
The BRONCOS defense was awesome to watch in this game. BRONCOS will get back there.

01-30-2017, 01:09 AM
Sssssssuck it WORLD!

01-30-2017, 02:53 AM
I still think our opening drive was a big part of why we won, especially CJ picking up Kawaan Short to allow the big completion on the first play, and Manning reading the corner blitz for another on the very next play. We were moving the ball effortlessly, capping it off with back to back big runs from CJ to the Carolina 14.

Then Hillman came in, immediately went backward and the drive died instantly. :( If we'd had Booker I think we get a TD there, and the rout is on.

Regarding our offense in particular, it wasn't great, but also not nearly as bad as it looked. CJ averaged 4.5 yds/att against a D that only allowed 3.9 all season (#7 overall.) His longest nearly finished Carolina by halftime; instead, it prevented Mannings lone Int from giving Carolina (at least) an easy FG instead of costing us (at least) that much. The only fly in the ointment was Hillman, whose 5 carries averaged LITERALLY NOTHING: 5 Manning dirt balls would've done as much.

Manning himself wasn't impressive, but I can't fault him for the strip-sack when his protection collapsed at the snap (yet again,) and he only had one other turnover in the game despite pressure causing no less than 5 sacks. Given all that, Sanders did amazingly well to gain 83 yds on 6 of the 8 passes thrown to him (NO ONE else had multiple catches except CJ, who caught ALL of the four thrown to him.)

Even with a FG, our opening drive made a statement that showed a good Panthers D they couldn't just overwhelm a gimpy old Manning and his stumblebum linemen.

Props to Talib tackling Olsen a yard short on 3rd down to hold Carolina first drive to 3-and-out; our D was definitely the dominant difference. SO dominant it's easy to overlook how well the rest of the team played. As bad as the offense looked, it did it's job both on that opening drive and by mostly avoiding the turnovers that buried Seattle and Arizona so deeply their later rallies were irrelevant. And our STs were exceptional (while Carolinas were terrible.) Case in point:

Nantz greeted our first punt by announcing "the dangerous Ted Ginn" was receiving it, but after Colquitt sent it 50 yds, Webster ran down Ginn almost immediately for a -1 yd return to the 15: And that set up what happened 3 plays later to give US the double digit lead Carolina had enjoyed through most of the playoffs.

After that it was 1905 football: Great defenses allowing few first downs, while their punters and return men dueled over field position, a duel we invariably won. Colquitt and Nortman allowed only FOUR returns on FIFTEEN punts, yet still averaged >45 yds—and Ginns 3 returns averaged only 0.7 yds; Norwoods lone return went 61 before a TD-saving tackle that still allowed us another FG despite our failure to gain any more.

McManus was a perfect, record-setting, 10/10 on playoff FGs; Ganos 44 yd doink to open the 2nd half killed any chance of Carolina building momentum, maintained our 6 pt lead, and gave us great field position for a short drive EXTENDING that lead to an all-important two scores.

That was the ball game, really. Gano partly redeemed himself after Ealys strip-sack near midfield, but without his earlier miss and our capitalizing on it that would've tied the game: Instead, Carolina still had to drive the length of the field with time running out, so played right into our defenses hands.

01-30-2017, 12:19 PM
Just had to do it :D

Super Bowl 50 - Panthers vs. Broncos | NFL Full Game


This game really takes the sting off a lackluster season and a coaching change next year. It is SO hard to win a Super Bowl and I am pretty good for awhile as this team gets settled again. Such a magic year.