View Full Version : MMQB: The Broncos' Road Map

10-27-2016, 09:01 AM
Nice piece atop Albert Breer's column this week, an interview with Elway about the offseason and the continued success of the team. He addresses a bunch of stuff we obsessed over for a while:

So while Elway fought all the offseason battles, Kubiak had no blood on his hands, and the chemistry the team had in getting to a world title in February remained unscathed. That meant Miller’s return to the roster was seamless. And it meant the quarterback switch wasn’t as big a deal internally as we made it externally. And it meant the Talib drama was a total non-issue on the club’s ground level.

I asked Elway for his synopsis of each of those situations:

• Quarterbacks: “If you look at way we won as a football team last year, we relied so heavily on the defense that we figured we still had some time to fix the quarterback position. You lose a guy like Peyton and you lose a lot of leadership, so that’s tough. And losing Brock, it was another bump in the road and one where we weren’t sure how it was going to go. We didn’t know who else was interested in him, but you only need one other suitor to make it tough and obviously Houston was out there. At that point, it was to continue to get better offensive-line wise, focus on the draft, getting a quarterback there. And (Mark) Sanchez allowed us a little leeway there. And the great thing is Trevor (Siemian) has come on, and we liked him last year when we drafted him in the seventh. He’s done a tremendous job.”

• Von Miller: “​I would’ve told you, from my point of view, that thing was gonna get worked out, period. You’re right, it didn’t go the way we wanted it to. But the bottom line is I had a relationship with Von. I knew Von. And I knew soon as I got a chance to sit down with Von, everything was gonna be fine. There were other circumstances that made that bigger than it should’ve been. Eventually, I knew it’d be done. It was a matter of when. I knew it would go to the deadline. They’re gonna keep asking, they don’t believe you until the deadline, and you say, ‘no’, and that’s the end. I knew Von, I knew a lot of it wasn’t coming from him. So I knew the relationship was not going to be tarnished. It was a matter of getting to July 15 and getting it done.”

Aqib Talib: “​The key was we know Aqib, and we know what he’s about and we know what he’s like in this building, how he plays and what he is. And he came in here and he told us the truth. So at that point in time, obviously we don’t have to agree sometimes with where he is, he’s a grown man. Our concern was the fact that he was OK, and we expressed concern that hopefully in the future, he can stay out of those situations. So our concern was him, but once he told us the story, we supported him, knowing what he was about, and we let the league handle it from there.”