View Full Version : The Broncos Need Woodyard in The Lineup: He is their heart and soul

BSN Denver
12-12-2013, 07:10 PM
Over the past few years Wesley Woodyard has not only became one of the best players on the Broncos defense, he has also became an important leader on the team.

Woodyard injured his neck in the week five win over the Dallas Cowboys and the defense has struggled ever since.

Many players on defense would consider Woodyard the backbone of the unit. His absence was definitely noticed this past week in the 35-19 victory over the Jaguars. The team ended up winning the game, but the defense struggled more than it should have.

Denver gave up 362 yards to a horrible Jacksonville offense that is ranked dead last in almost every statistical category. The defense had a few breakdowns and miscommunications throughout the game and the adjustments that we are used to seeing just havenít been made. It wasnít just the Jags. It didnít seem like they were able to adjust to Dallas without Woodyard either. Whether itís a mental or physical thing, losing your leader and leading tackler will always create a disadvantage.

Itís very simple; the Denver Broncos defense just isnít the same without Wesley Woodyard.

Denver doesnít necessarily have terrible back up linebackers, but without pro bowler Von Miller, itís just too much to add on. The motivation and leadership skills that Wesley Woodyard has continued to show on and off the field cannot be reciprocated by anybody else it seems. .

The biggest test of the season might be this weekend against the Colts. The Broncos desperately need Woodyard back on the field for this game. Peyton will obviously be carrying a heavy heart into that game and the Colts are a tough smash-mouth football team that will physically take it to the Broncos for 60 minutes...CONTINUE READING (http://www.brandonspano.com/headlines.html?entry=the-broncos-need-woodyard-in)