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09-02-2007, 02:43 PM
Hard to believe it's been 10 years since Denver's first Super Bowl XXXII win
September 02, 2007

TO OUR READERS: Ten seasons ago the Denver Broncos broke a franchise drought by topping the Green Bay Packers 31-24 and winning Super Bowl XXXII. Through the eyes of the players, The Gazette looks back at that season with a weekly installment through the 10-year anniversary on Jan. 25, 2008.

Willie Green sat outside his North Carolina home this summer, watched his 9-year-old son, Willie II, play basketball and figured, wow, it must be true. Almost a decade has passed since the 1997 Denver Broncos made history.

Green can mark the time by his son. His wife was 8½ months pregnant when Denver beat Green Bay in Super Bowl XXXII, perhaps the greatest win in Colorado sports history. That game might be old, but the memories are fresh.

“I didn’t catch a pass in the Super Bowl, and I don’t care,” said Green, Denver’s third receiver in 1997. “My ring was the same size as John Elway’s ring.
“Greatest game of my life.”

Many of the 1997 Broncos contacted to talk about the 10th anniversary had a similar response. First, there was some disbelief.

“Oh my God,” cornerback Tim McKyer said. “It’s amazing it’s been that long.”
“That is a long time,” linebacker Allen Aldridge said. “I feel old.”

“That’s crazy,” defensive end Neil Smith said. “It seems like it was just yesterday. It’s amazing how you look at it. You never forget it, man.”

Then the stories started flowing.

Broncos fans still remember Elway’s helicopter run, the Green Bay Packers letting running back Terrell Davis score, linebacker John Mobley knocking down a fourth-down pass to tight end Mark Chmura and owner Pat Bowlen marking the Broncos’ first Super Bowl title with “This one’s for John!”

The players remember, too.

“I still get the goose bumps,” safety Dedrick Dodge said after retelling the story of Elway’s helicopter play. “I’m getting them right now telling you because I can see it.”

Only five Broncos who played in Super Bowl XXXII are in the NFL. Kicker Jason Elam, receiver Rod Smith and center Tom Nalen are with the Broncos, although Smith is injured and out for at least five games. Defensive end Trevor Pryce is with Baltimore and defensive tackle Keith Traylor is with Miami.

Other members of the 1997 Broncos are far removed from their playing career. Defensive tackle Mike Lodish is a player agent. Offensive lineman Harry Swayne is the Chicago Bears’ chaplain. Green, who owned a line of payday loan stores, considered a run for a U.S. Congress seat this year.

Linebacker Glenn Cadrez and cornerback Ray Crockett are movie producers. Pryce also got into movie script writing this offseason, and linebacker Bill Romanowski has had small movie acting roles. Many former Broncos are coaches. Some include linebacker Keith Burns, an assistant special teams coach with the Broncos, running back Anthony Lynn, the running backs coach for the Cleveland Browns, and linebacker Steve Russ, the defensive coordinator for Syracuse University.

Offensive tackle Tony Jones and defensive tackle Ernest Jones coach as well. They guide Pop Warner teams.

Davis, tight end Shannon Sharpe and guard Mark Schlereth are television broadcasting stars. Quarterback Bubby Brister is on television, too — on an outdoors show in which he hunts big game and whitetail deer.

No matter where they landed, the 1997 Broncos are forever connected by being a part of Denver’s first Super Bowl championship.

“To finally get a win and bring a championship back to Colorado, that was very gratifying, to say the least,” Elway said.


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great post, thanks. I still get goose bumps also

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Really interesting, Skinny.

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Great post man I cant believe its been that long since Super Bowl XXXII.

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Brings back great memories. thanks.:elefant:

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Wow it's been a while!!

10 years?!!

Good article

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I saw a "documentary" on TV awhile back that followed a high school football team that was coached by **** Butkus and Ray Crockett; I wonder if Ray is still coaching?