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08-03-2013, 04:48 PM


Broncos 12-4
Chiefs 8-8
Chargers 7-9
Raiders 3-13

Division summary. Barring a devastating injury to PFM, this division is ours to rule over for the forseeable future. We not only have the most talented QB in the division, but our roster is increasing in quality depth and impact players by the year. Kansas City has a lot of talent and has a potentially bright future, but it's not enough to un-seat us for the division. They could possibly contend for a wild card spot this year, but not much more. San Diego is going through a transition and although they will be competitive, they're not a playoff team. Oakland is just a mess. They mine as well start over again after this season, if things go as shitty as we all expect them to.

AFC North

Bengals 11-5
Ravens 10-6
Steelers 6-10
Browns 5-11

Division Summary. The Ravens are the defending champs (that really hurts for me to say that) and will still be a competitive playoff team, but I don't see them repeating, considering all of the impact players they lost this off-season. I sincerely believe that the team in this division with not only the most talent, but the brightest future belongs to the Cincinnati Bengals. Not only do they have great weapons on offense, but they quietly have put together one of the NFL's top defenses to boot. Throw in a young(and I think underrated) QB in Andy Dalton and this team WILL be a serious threat to the Broncos this year for a super bowl berth. Pittsburgh appears to be a team with a deteriorating roster. Outside of their talented, but battle worn QB, I don't see a whole lot of talent on this roster. Unless they can get some new impact players soon, I think this team is heading for dark times. I really like what the Browns have done this off-season. They have a bright young prospect at HC and two of the elite playcallers in the league for coordinators. They have some talented pieces to work with, but it all hinges on the QB play. It may take a few years for them to keep building, but when they find "their QB" and a few more impact players, they will be a team to be reckoned with.


Houston 13-3
Indy 8-8
Tennessee 4-12
Jacksonville 3-13

Houston has been and will continue to be the most dominant team in this division. Along with the Bengals, the Texans are looking like a serious threat to the Broncos. Indy had a great rebound season last year, but they lost a person who was a real spark for that team in Bruce Arians and I don't know if the talent on their roster can make up for it. They will be a good team for a long time, but I see this as an average season for them. The Titans seem to be a forgotten team around the league, so I'll leave it that way. The story with the Titans is simple, if Jake Locker succeeds, they will be fine, if he fails, back to square one. Jacksonville has some decent players and I like the persona of their new head coach, but they have a ways to go. This team definitely needs to be on a 3-5 year re-building plan because they have arguably the least talented roster in the league. It may be in their best interest to pull an 2011 Colts and flush the season down the toilet to get an elite prospect in the draft.

AFC East

Patriots 10-6
Dolphins 9-7
Bills 5-11
Jets 3-13

Despite all of the events that have transpired for the Pats this off-season, they are still the best team in the division. They're still the best, but not by much. Brady's top 5 targets from last year are either no longer on the roster or nursing a serious injury. Pair that with some holes throughout their roster and suddenly this team doesn't look so impeccible. They will win the division and be a competitive playoff team, but I do think the end is approaching for New England's reign of terror in the AFC east. The team people need to watch for in the AFC this year is the Dolphins, IMO. With a rookie HC, QB and transitioning team last year, they managed to put together a respectable 7-9 record. They had a high profile off-season headlined by big time FA acquisitions and I think this team went from below average to playoff ready. I don't see them making real noise in the playoffs just yet, but they do have the foundation and talent to get their this year. The Bills just seem lost. They appear to finally have some sort of vision for their future, but it remains to be seen whether they can get there. One positive for the Bills is that atleast they're not the worst team in their division. The jets are the Raiders of the AFC East. Unless they pull a playoff season out of their ass, this team will be torn apart and back to square one after this season.




NFC West

Seattle 12-4
San Francisco 11-5
St. Louis 8-8
Arizona 4-12

I give Seattle the edge over San Fran for one reason. We saw Russell Wilson bring his team to an 11-5 record and one drive away from the conference championship game last year. Even though Kaepernick had a good run and led the 49er's to the SB, we haven't seen him tested throughout the entire season. The Rams are quietly putting together a strong team. If they were in the AFC, I have no doubts that they would be a playoff team. Unfortunately for them, they play in a tough division and conference. Arizona is starting over and will be at the bottom for a while.


Green Bay 11-5
Detroit 8-8
Chicago 7-9
Minnesota 6-10

Green Bay is still the cream of the crop in this division. Detroit and Chicago will continue to be competitive, but it won't be enough to get into the postseason. After re-thinking last season, I concluded that AP really did deserve MVP. Without him, the Vikings would have been a 5 win team. They won't be so fortunate this year.


Atlanta 13-3
New Orleans 10-6
Tampa Bay 7-9
Carolina 5-11

Atlanta is a powerhouse with so many weapons. New Orleans is a savvy veteran team, but I think Atlanta still has the edge over them. Tampa bay has a lot of talent, but too many questions at their most important position. They have potential right now, but that's about it. Carolina will get lost in the shuffle and they'll have a new regime next year with Cam Newton facing a "make or break" type season.


New York 10-6
Dallas 8-8
Washington 7-9
Philly 4-12

New York is the ultimate "warrior" type team in the league right now. They won't have a fancy record, but they will be potent in the postseason, if they're healthy. Dallas will be average and for another year, fail to live up to their own "expectations". Washington is on the right track but with RGIII's recovery and a tough division, they'll take a step back this year. Philly has a new experiment going on right now and they're too unpredictable to give a decent record to.

NFC playoff standings

3.Green Bay
4.New York
5.San Francisco
6.New Orleans

I'll let you guys determine how the playoffs go and who makes it to the Super Bowl.