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01-23-2013, 01:57 AM
So, like it or not, it's time to move beyond rationalizations, blaming, and wondering; the time for evaluation and restructuring is here. We already had one thread on this, but it has already descended into the abyss of Page 2 of broncosforums--a fate worse than death. And as much as we all love the "should x move to safety" stuff, I figured I'd start a focused thread on the necessary offseason position acquisitions or re-signings for making a super bowl trip next year.

I'll start off with what I view some necessary position upgrades-- I will leave it for later to discuss specific names, once I educate myself on who is out there:

1) MLB- Brooking is old, and Mays is terrible. A good "quarterback of the defense" has become a vital component in elite defenses over the years. This, I believe, is an absolute priority going forward.

2) WR- I'm not thinking of replacing Black and Decker here, but a few things 1) I'm a believer in not having too many weapons (look at the Pats) 2) Stokley was one of the most clutch players this year, but I'm not sure how much he has left in him 3) I'm thinking along the lines of a slot receiver with quickness and possession receiver qualities. I'm not pretending Stokley is easily replaceable, particularly his veteran savvy...but we can provide depth and talent. I also like quickness to supplement the "size" factors that Decker-Thomas bring to the table, and the attention they will command as they, and their chemistry with Manning, improve. Personally, I think Willis is terrible and Caldwell disappeared.

3) TE- Tamme and Dreesen are both meh. Manning makes them look a little bit better than meh. He made Dallas Clark look a lot better than meh, and lots of elite TEs make their QBs much better than meh. There's no position in the NFL that creates more opportunity for mismatches in coverage. A respectable receiving TE can open up a world of opportunities, and will be especially important should Brock or another young QB take over center.

4) D-line- We were good this season, and no single player stands out as a weak link. Re-signing Vickerson should be a priority, and Unrein-Bannan-Wolfe all have potential. Ayers played decently. That said, there's one big thing I hope we can work on: Pass rush from the interior, and more consistently applied when we're not up by 2+ scores. In essence, try to build a d-ine that could beat Brady.

5) D-line...more cowbell!!! See number 4.

Magnificent Seven
01-23-2013, 03:26 PM
Don't forget Jason Hunter. He's a beast.