View Full Version : Broncos Kyle Orton speaks to press after 8/6 AM practice

08-06-2009, 07:18 PM
Broncos Kyle Orton speaks to press after 8/6 AM practice

On practicing at INVESCO Field at Mile High
“It’ll be fun to be at the stadium. Hopefully we get a lot of fans out there and put on a good show in our first opportunity in the stadium. We’ve had some competitive days out here, but nothing like it will be when we get in the stadium.”

On competition during camp
“No question. We’ve been really competitive on both sides of the ball—the offense has been winning some drills, the defense has been winning some drills—so it’s good to have that in practice. You don’t want one side winning all the drills, obviously.”

On the progress of the offense
“It seems like we’re getting better every day. Personally, I feel more and more comfortable every single day. Camp’s a grind, but when you come out and see improvement on the field it makes it a little bit easier to get out there.”

On fans in Denver
“I’ve had a lot of support out here, and I think the fans are great. I had a lot of support in Chicago as well. I’m happy to be out here.”

On Head Coach Josh McDaniels
“It’s been great. We’ve been learning so much, improving so much, and he’s very passionate about it. He’s never satisfied—if we have one good day he can always find something we can improve on. So it’s been great.”

On his progress
“I’ve made some mistakes, tried to correct those the very next day and tried not to repeat them. My comfort level in the offense has been getting better and better.”

On timing with receivers
“I don’t think it’s that big a deal to be honest with you. Our receivers get open. They’re great receivers—the best ones I’ve played with—and it’s a lot easier to throw to open receivers, so timing is usually not a factor.”

On training camp
“It’s a lot of work. It’s a grind. We’ve really been working hard, but guys have come out and been pros about it, put their head down and gotten to work. So it’s been good.”

On how practicing at INVESCO Field at Mile High will help
“We’ll get a comfort level, obviously—that’s where we play when it really matters. So we’ll get out there one time before it really counts and have some fun in front of the fans.”

On how much he wants to play in the preseason
“I’ll play as much as the coaches tell me to play. They have a good idea of what they want, so it doesn’t really matter to me.”

On QB Tom Brandstater
“Tom, he’s growing as a player. He’s working hard. Obviously he doesn’t get a ton of reps in practice, that’s just life as a three, but he’s a smart kid, gets in his book and he’s really been working hard. So he’ll be a good player. [He is a] big guy, he’s got good feet, he can move around and make all the throws. That first camp as a rookie quarterback is tough, but he’s taking it in stride and has done everything that’s asked of him.”