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03-14-2009, 08:40 AM
One of the major difference system to system is not the play that are actually run but rather how those plays are called. When new offense comes in the hardest part is everyone learning a new language and being on the same page.

Here is an example for folks to see the difference. (If anyone can find more on the EP system that would be great)

WCO use colors. words and # to describe the play pass pattern,and blocking. PE (NE) style use words/number instead of colors.

Example of WCO play

This split formation with Te(Y) on right side of the formation and RB/FB in the back field. No motion. seven blocker

Red Right 24 Double Square Out, Red Right 324 Omaha

a. Formation (possible motion) Red Right 24 split formation Y strong side
b. Play Double Square Out
c. Blocking Scheme (pass or run) Red Right 324 (TE and FB stay into block)
d. Pass Pattern (if pass) Omaha (Post play)
e. Snap count

more detailed information for those that are interested http://www.centuryinter.net/midway/c...tcoast/wco.pdf

Since I can not find a good link for the Erhardt - Perkins style of offense (tells you something there)

Example of the play

Zero, Ride Thirty-six (run offense)

Zero the formation,
Ride Thirty - the running back is the carrier
six - which hole he attacks

Pass play

Zero Flood Slot Hat, Seventy-eight Shout Tosser

This is borrowed from Wiki