View Full Version : Josh McDaniels Reports "It's okay, I had Subway."

03-01-2009, 05:07 PM
In a shocking twist that ironically leaves everyone sighing in relief, Josh McDaniels told reporters this evening that, "It's okay, I had Subway."

McDaniels had earlier caused a fervor in the Denver organization and fanbase when it leaked he had put Cutler up for trade offers.

Jay Cutler, Denver's franchise QB and widely heralded as the best young talent in the league, wasn't all too happy. However, upon hearing the news he's stated that he "now knows where [McDaniels] is coming from".

"Yeah, uh, you know, Subway's pretty good. They've got great bread, and uhhh, uhh yeah."

[Video of Cutler's response.]

A reporter asked McDaniels if he also "stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night".

McDaniels responded by saying, "I don't know what that is."