View Full Version : 10 Things Denver Must Do this weekend to Win

Medford Bronco
12-24-2008, 01:41 PM
The 10 Things that Denver need this weekend to beat San Diego.

Okay we did not want it to come down to one final game at SD but
it has. No use crying over spilt milk from the past.

10. They need to run the football, I know it will be tough using
Tatum Bell and Cory Boyd, but it can be done with this offensive line.
Who would have thought that Pope would have 44 yards last week on 6 carries
before getting hurt.

9. They need better special teams play without question. No missed FG, no letting
Darren Sproles run wild on this team on kickoffs and punt returns.

8. They need to force at least one turnover and maybe two. Look lets face it that SD
is more healthy and better on offense than our defense. A turnover or 2 would go
a long way in helping not only with confidence on D but our offense to score. Maybe
even a defensive score, like against the NYJ which helped big time.

7. Smart coaching decisions. Shanny must be aware of ramifications like last week
going for a FG into the wind when Praters distance in warmup was short of that.
A punt there would not have been a bad thing. Donít burn your timeouts either, make
sure to get the play into Cutler in enough time for the offense to be ready.

6. Come out hitting hard and often. Donít let SD push you around on D. Come out
aggressive and blitz etc. DONĒT sit back 7 yards off of the ball and rush only 3
to 4 guys. Take chances as with our undermanned D we need to.

5. Use our physical receivers to our advantage. SD does not have a great D
either. Take some shots with our WR down the field. Also make sure to get
both Sheffler and Graham involved in the game as they can be an X factor I believe.

4. Relax and have fun. As much as it stinks to have lost their last 2 games, nobody
before the season gave Denver a chance to win the division. Doní be too tight.
Play hard and loose.

3. Maybe bring out a trick play. A flea flicker, a double reverse, a fake punt, a half back
option. Surprise can be a great element in a game where both teams really know each other.

2. Stay composed. Donít take any unnecessary penalties that will cost you big time. Any
personal foul can really be a drive killer or aid in SD scoring points.

1. No turnovers Take care of the ball like it is a new born baby. No picks for Cutler.
To beat a favored team you must be smart. In the biggest game of the season, I hope
they can do this. This to me will determine the outcome of the game. If we are at least
even in turnover ratio I like our chances. It is huge as well as defense is far from our
strong suit.

12-24-2008, 02:48 PM
11. Run early and run often. Let Cory Boyd know that he will be carrying a huge load this week and stick to it. Everyone knows we can throw the ball and will be geared towards shutting down the pass. Make Cory Boyd look like Terrell Davis. I know it's a tall order but if we can show the kind of effort that makes the running game our major strength (at least for one game) we can't be stopped. Surprisingly I think it can be done. The most dangerous guy on the field is the one no one has heard of...Let's make Boyd that guy. If it's not working then at least we've made them respect the fact that we're willing to run the ball and we can get the passing game rolling via dropback OR playaction.