View Full Version : Week 16 Power Rankings

12-23-2008, 11:08 AM
32. Detroit (0-15) - One more to go. Can they do it?

31. St. Louis (2-13) - Late meltdown secures a draft spot

30. Kansas City (2-13) - I'll predict now that they win at least 8 next season

29. Oakland (4-11) - I have nothing more to say about this team.

28. Seattle (4-11) - Suddenly they can win a few games

27. Cleveland (4-11) - Too much talent to be this bad

26. Cincinnati (3-11-1) - Best of the worst

25. Green Bay (5-10) - The sad and tragic fall from grace

24. Jacksonville (5-10) - Blew the chance to be a spoiler

23. San Francisco (6-9) - Another team that will be vastly improved next year.

22. Houston (7-8) - Just when they look REALLY good...

21. Buffalo (7-8) - a .500 season after the fast start is still a tragedy

20. New Orleans (8-7) - One of the few teams that hasnt let Detroit feel like they have a chance lately

19. NY Jets (9-6) - What the hell happened to this crew.

18. Denver (8-7) - I'm just not saying anything this week

17. Arizona (8-7) - I use to think Cardinals looked pretty in the snow.

16. Chicago (9-6) - Clinging on for dear life for a playoff spot

15. San Diego (7-8) - Doing all the right things to get the playoff spot

14. Philadelphia (8-6-1) - Laid an egg on their road to the playoffs.

13. Washington (8-7) - Just playing the spoiler at this point

12. Minnesota (9-6) - Gotta win to stay in

11. Tampa Bay (9-6) - Couldnt find it in their hearts to help Denver out

10. Dallas (9-6) - The curse of Romo in December continues.

9. Atlanta (10-5) - Look to have a playoff spot locked down.

8. New England (10-5) - Starting to gear up for the playoffs

7. Miami (10-5) - Cant say enough about the turnaround this team has made

6. Baltimore (10-5) - Big plays and big defense helping them out

5. Carolina (11-4) - Potential pre-cursor to the NFC Championship game went into OT.

4. Indianapolis (11-4) - Firing on all cylinders. Wouldnt want to see them in the first round

3. Pittsburgh (11-4) - Didnt step up when they needed to

2. Tennessee (13-2) - Big win to secure home field

1. NY Giants (12-3) - Showed up big to lock down home field

12-23-2008, 12:07 PM
Nice job once again.

I might be tempted to put indy above pitts with the way they are playing. But after i think about it and look at their respective schedules pitts has had the harder teams to deal with.

I still dont like the titans though.

(not where you ranked them, mind you, just that i think they are the biggest fluff team out there right now. We will see soon enough.)

12-23-2008, 12:53 PM
Pittsburgh's schedule has been just brutal. If they can get their offense on track they'll be tough to deal with, but I think Tennessee is the team to beat in the AFC right now.

12-23-2008, 01:03 PM
I think in a playoff game, Pitt could beat Tennessee, but I'm almost uinclined to pick Indy out of the AFC right now. That offense is rolling and if they play a team that doesnt generate alot of offense...Pitt/Tenn...they could be back in the Super Bowl.

I think it would be interesting to see Peyton and Eli go at it...plus, I could get a ton of swag. I have a friend that works for the Giants and another that plays for the Colts (TJ Rushing)