View Full Version : Week 1 Power Rankings

09-14-2011, 09:42 AM
Sadly, it's harder to sort through the worst teams than the best teams, so if you feel #29 should be higher than #22...dont worry about commenting. They all suck right now.

32. Kansas City - Including pre-season losses...I dont think they remember how to win.

31. Cleveland - Hillis cant carry the team and the Madden jinx will take effect. They could end up being dead last soon.

30. Seattle - Thought they had enough talent to at least contend with SF. Guess not.

29. San Francisco - Big game puts them in a good position to contend for the division.

28. Buffalo - Fitzgerald says he isnt surprised by the lop-sided win. I can assure you he's the only one. The excitement wont last long

27. Jacksonville - How many victories will McCown lead this team to? Not many

26. Carolina - Record performance by Newton. Wait til he starts playing teams that have NFL defenses.

25. Indianapolis - Gonna be a long season without Manning, but this team WILL NOT LOSE EVERY GAME!!!

24. Cincinnati - If Dalton can be a competent rookie...this team will be a surprise

23. Denver - Fox offenses are boring when he has superstar players. Now we know what they are like without superstar players.

22. Oakland - Couldnt do anything but run against a horrible run defense...and still didnt win convincingly

21. Tennessee - Brighter days are on the horizon as Johnson gets back to form

20. St. Louis - Injuries and schedule will have this team plummeting weekly

19. Arizona - Maybe the best team in a pathetic division. Depends on how the defense plays down the road

18. Miami - Played a lot better than expected. Henne quieted a lot of doubters...for now

17. NY Giants - Injuries on defense could make this a very long season playing in the NFC East

16. Minnesota - Played much better than expected. We'll see if it lasts.

15. Washington - Was that really Rex Grossman? This team could surprise quite a few people

14. Dallas - Romo will always be Romo, but they scored points and played well against a tough team...for about 3 quarters anyway

13. Tampa Bay - This team will be better than they showed. Very promising young corps of talent.

12. Detroit - Impressive performance from a young team that has come a long way. They'll be fun to watch

11. Chicago - I'm curious to see what happens when they play a better defense. Atlanta had 3 possible INT's hit them in the chest.

10. Houston - Seems like they rubbed it in on the Colts a bit, but 2 early Collins miscues helped. Still a team where I'll have to see it to believe it.

9. NY Jets - Very resilient performance in a game they should have lost. Stealing games like that will take them a long way.

8. New Orleans - Brees looked to be in 2009 form. Tough schedule ahead, but they'll be in the mix.

7. Pittsburgh - 7 turnovers is an anomoly. I still expect a good year from Big Ben and another playoff run

6. Atlanta - The defense is not elite, but the offense didnt help them much. They'll still be a very good team making a SB run.

5. San Diego - Not the most impressive performance against a mediocre team, but they play in a division with Denver, Oakland and KC. They'll be just fine.

4. Baltimore - They definitely took a few steps forward after completely destroying their rival. Impressive.

3. Philly - Didnt get great play from Vick and still put up 31 on an up and coming defense. Chemistry is all they lack.

2. New England - Hard to not be impressed with the performance, but they left a bad Miami team hang around too long. Not sure top teams should have to drop 500 passing yards to beat teams like that.

1. Green Bay - Looked like they took the foot off the gas against NO, but they are still the team to beat until someone makes them look bad or takes the title away.