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Sunday, 1PM EST.

The Denver Broncos (5-4) will travel to Atlanta to take on the Falcons (6-3) this Sunday. The Broncos enjoyed victory over the Browns in their last game, whilst the Falcons enjoyed success over the Saints. This game should be an exciting one, as it pitches the 2nd best offense in the league (Broncos), against the 6th best offense in the league (Falcons). In fact, both of these teams have offensive strong points, and defensive weak points. It is sure to be an interesting one.

The Falcons offense is very dangerous. They have a strong, solid and striking running game, and a good clever rookie Quarterback. Itís pretty clear that the Falcons are going to pound the rock down our throats this game. Turner is enjoying great success on the ground so far this season for the Falcons, and he has a nice spell back and change of pace in Norwood. Turner will be the one who pounds through our defense for a 4-5 yard gain each time, and then Norwood will be the guy breaking ankles with elusive moves to get a nice long gain. Containing the Falcons running attack is C-R-U-C-I-A-L! More crucial than even showing up! If the Falcons are allowed to establish a strong running game, that will spell the end of our defense. This is because once they out best the Broncos and tire them out on the ground, they will switch it up and have Matt Ryan deliver some accurate passers which will catch the Broncos defense off guard. I donít care how many the Broncos have to play in the box, stopping the run is vital. Let us not forget that the Falcons have the 2nd best running attack in the whole league. Their real problem on offense though, is that they have camp fodder as receivers. The Falcons receivers are the whoís who of scrub receivers.

The Broncos offense needs to try and run the ball themselves. The Broncos offense has had terrible success trying to run the ball, to the point that it is non existent. The Broncos have been dealt cruel injury blows at the running back position, but hopefully somewhere, someone can help the Broncos because every defensive coordinator in the league knows what the Broncos are going to be forced to do, PASS! If the Broncos canít run, it destroys any hope of the play action pass, which means the opposing defense will commit to the pass each play , making it harder for Cutler to pass. Now Cutler will come off of his best passing yards game, but not throwing an interception would be very nice for him. Cutler has seemingly been colour blind the last few games, continually completing passes to the other team. Cutler is going to have to be PATIENT and FIND HIS MAN instead of forcing hopeless throws into tight gaps like Brett Favre. The Broncos receivers match up pretty well against the Falcons cornerbacks however, and that will be a huge bonus for the Broncos, Cutler, Marshall and Royal.

One thing to watch though, the Falcons give up a lot of yards, but itís actually pretty hard to score on them. The Falcons have the 9th best defense in points allowed, something that is very impressive. Ryan Clady will have his hands full trying to block John Abraham who has been a machine this season, recording 11 sacks. Their defense doesnít have much talent, but they seem to work well together to make critical stops.

As for the Broncos defenseÖ. Have you ever watched the movie ďThe CoreĒ? Do you know that it had officially 27 plot holes? Do you realize that was the worst film ever made? And that you questioned why on earth someone would create such a disgusting and vile film? Well thatís pretty much how I feel about the Broncos defense right now. The defense is obviously boosted by the possible return of Champ Bailey, but in all honesty, Champís presence will not be felt for as long as our defensive line canít get consistent pressure, and for as long as our linebackers couldnít tackle a little girl. Our defense is too small, and just canít tackle. Even more reason for the Falcons to stuff the ball down the Broncos throats.

Both teams are fighting for a playoff spot, and because of this, the game could turn into a playoff mood type game. It could be close, coming down to a final FG kick or anything. Both teams will fight hard and until the very end. I see the Falcons run attack the thing that damages the Broncos BADLY, but the Broncos supreme pass attack will combat the Falcons. Thereís not going to be a lot in it in my opinion. My brain tells me the Falcons may just win this, but my heart tells me that the Broncos will outlast the Falcons.

Final score?

30-27, who takes the win? Depends on who comes to play, fat girl Broncos or Supermodel Broncos.

BTW, you didn't think I'd leave so early did you? :confused:

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Excuse me if this article came out a little funny.

I'm an insomniac who doesn't sleep and I tried writing this at weird hours. Not sure how it came out. :lol: