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Thursday 6th November 2008, 20:15 EST, NFLN

The Broncos will take on the Browns in Cleveland this Thursday on TNF. I am going to have to be honest, this is one of the hardest previews Iíve ever had to write. I mean, itís basically a battle between one down in the dumps team and another down in the dumps team. Both the Browns, and the Broncos could have been good teams this year, but inconsistent play and especially poor defense has gotten in their respective ways. Itís hard for me to sit here and predict who will win, because it depends on what side of the team shows up. Will the ugly, buck tooth, obese girl with body odour show up? Or will the attractive, silky sweet girl with the perfectly rounded ass, and glowing eyes show up?

Technically, the Broncos are the better team. However, the Broncos are currently on a 3 game losing streak, and that definitely has to do something to your self confidence.

I think this game really does depend on the Broncos offense. The Broncos offense dazzled, damaged and destroyed opposing defenses in the beginning of the year, but in recent weaks, the Broncos offense were the ones being damaged. Turnovers have been the name of the game recently, Jay Cutler recording 6 INTís in the last 3 games for example. It will be vital, and I mean VITAL for Jay Cutler to hold on to the damn ball. A turnoverless game on the offensive side for the Broncos would put them in GREAT position to win the game. Plus, Brandon Marshall is pumped after Mr. Porter's words, so expect a huge performance from him. Oh, and one more thing, it would be nice if the Broncos managed to get at least two yards per carry for the game against the Browns. The Broncos 1.2 yards per carry (12 attempts) against the Dolphins was hideous, think fat ugly girl. It is going to be impossible for the Broncos to win unless they hold on to the ball and run the football well. The Browns just arenít THAT bad. In fact, the Browns actually have a pretty good pass defense (13th overall) and they are 10th overall for points allowed. The only weakness the Browns have defensively is against the run, so it is vital we exploit that. If the Broncos canít run on the frigginí Browns, then something needs changing.

As I said, it could be a pretty easy game for the Broncos if they:

1. Hold on to the damn ball.
2. Run the ball.
3. Donít abandon each other.

Unfortunately, doing all 3 will be extremely hard for a broken chemistry Broncos team.

The Browns have had their own woes offensively, but for them, itís been a continuous struggle throughout the whole season. HOWEVER, Brady Quinn is set to start for the Browns. If we let a rookie (in the sense that heís never started before) Quarterback torch us, then weíre in HUGE trouble. Make no mistake, Quinn will become an excellent Quarterback, but under no circumstances is there an excuse if we get torched by a rookie. Quinn has a very accurate arm and is very composed in the pocket, so it will be important to pressure him at all times and throw him off of his rhythm. As for the Browns running game, expect a lot of it. Itís unheard of to give such a young Quarterback a lot of throws, so the Browns running game, which is abysmal AT BEST, will see a lot of action. So basically, the Broncos are facing a Quarterback who gets his first start, and one of the worst running games in the NFL. If the Broncos canít stop that, then every single defensive player needs to be released immediately. I will honestly question whether the Broncos defense has a pulse if they canít stop the Browns.

To sum up the Browns offense, it will basically be run, run, run and short passes.

As previously mentioned, this game relies on the Broncos offense. If the Broncos offense gets it done, then the defense should have no problems stopping the Browns. In fact, losing this game in my mind would effectively kill any playoff hopes and have me question whether The Broncos can win more than 2 more games this season. I actually predicted that if Derek Anderson was starting, the Browns would just about edge this one out 17-14. On the other hand, Derek Anderson will not start and it will be down to the young Brady Quinn who is sure to give away the ball a couple of times in his first start, so my final prediction is:

24-10 Broncos.

Enjoy the game!

11-05-2008, 04:35 PM
nice write up....

The browns run offense has sucked because they have faced some real tough teams this year... JAmal lewis still has gas in the tank and unfortunately for us that means 200+ yards. I hope not, but i am very very very worried about jamal torching us.

If we can contain him, i thin we should be right in the mix.