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09-26-2008, 10:46 PM
Already a month into the season, man does it ever fly by. The bye weeks are upon us as well. So far in looking at the match-ups, 29-17 is our record. I was handed a titanic shot to the midsection this week by my, well ex-girlfriend and my head has been all over the place since. So the run down might seem a little weak this week. But thats enough of that and lets jump right into it!

Bye: Detroit, Indianapolis, Miami, New England, NY Giants, Seattle

Cleveland at Cincinnati 1:00 PM CBS
Someone in Ohio is bound to have a victory unless the unthinkable happens at they tie! Browns have not been able to make up for the lost pre-season time and with Edwards dropping passes neither QB will get comfortable. Liked what I saw from Cincy last week, even with a sore elbow Carson Palmer should be able to find his WR and I don't see this as the wild shootout it was last year.
Winner: Cleveland

Minnesota at Tennessee 1:00 PM FOX
Are two other teams as close as these are? Solid D, veteran QB's, and attacks that are based on their RB's! Looks to be a grind it out game decided by which team converts it red zone looks and does not settle for FG's. I think the Titans secondary will not be burnt by Gus and they will be able to focus in on the Vikings run game.
Winner: Titans, at home in a close one.

Denver at Kansas City 1:00 PM CBS
The Broncos can not fall on their face in this one. I just have a fear that LJ will go off some how and make this a game. This should be a confidence builder for the Broncos defense. Take advantage of a rebuilding team, force Huard to make mistakes, don't let Bowe or Tony Gonzales (50 yards away from Sharpe's yard record) get involved and yes get their punter on the field. Offense will be looking to go-go-go after last week and them not quit feeling 100%, which was still better then most NFL teams. Scheff/Royal should be featured and Marsh will get his.
Winner: Broncos, they can not drop games to Oakland or KC if they want the match-up in San Diego to decide the division.

San Francisco at New Orleans 1:00 PM FOX
Well, sorry for not believing in the Niners last week. Gore vs Bush, both will get plenty of looks with Frank coming out ahead on the ground. However the Saints are coming off a stinging lose to the Broncos, McKenzie working his way back in and won't have to worry about such an effective pass happy attack. Plenty of talent up front for the Saints to get the pressure they are lacking, Grant-Smith-Ellis which will be big if they can get in the backfield and disrupt JT and filter Gore to Vilma and company.
Winner: Saints, bounce back because I don't see the Niners jumping out to a 21-3 lead.

Arizona at NY Jets 1:00 PM FOX
Cards are winding up their two week east coast stay. Farve is gimpy and even when he was not the Jets have been far from what everyone was billing them to be. Skins offense surprised and jumped on the Cards while their defense limited Warner. However the Jets were lit up by Rivers and Warner is having one of his better seasons in his solid career. Along with the fact that if Kris Jenkins is out they can have a bit more of a run game with Edge and Hightower to go with Boldin and Fitz who will get theirs.
Winner: Arizona, just don't think the Jets will score enough and or keep the Cards off the board enough to get this one.

Green Bay at Tampa Bay 1:00 PM FOX
The Packers will be without Al Harris (spleen) and Woodson is still dealing with a tow injury. Will that lead to Brian G. throwing 67 times again? Not quit, but yo have to think the Bucs will try and get Bryant going early. Cowboys beat up the Pack, pushed both lines around. Kampman and company better be fired up to take pressure of the secondary and look for the Pack to get Rodgers going as well.
Winner: Green Bay, Tampa is solid but after the beating the Cowboys put on the Packers they should come out fired up and swinging.

Atlanta at Carolina 1:00 PM FOX
What have we been saying? Enjoy it while you can Falcons fans because the Lions and Chiefs just happen to be worse then you! Panthers are coming off a disappointing game against Minny, Moose and Smith should be primed to make plays as Jake and the offensive line won't be dealing with the Vikings front four! Atlanta will try to get Turner going early and then take shots down field with Roddy White but the Panthers defense will be all over them.
Winner: Panthers, again games that NO, TB, CAR, can't drop to the bottom of the division.

Houston at Jacksonville 1:00 PM CBS
Jags took advantage of a very poor run defense that won't magically turn around when Bob Sanders gets back either, sorry Colts. Again they need to get Mojo and Taylor going early. The Texans had chances against the Titans but threw them away. I can see that happening in this game, as the Jags look to try and keep pace with Tennessee.
Winner: Jags, Garrard will have one big play that puts this one away.

San Diego at Oakland 4:05 PM CBS
How bout them Raiders? Making a game of it last week! I expect the Chargers to do what the Broncos did to Oakland. Fargas out, DMac still a sore tow, and Russell has not done anything yet as well. Again like last week I would love to see the Raiders knock of San Diego but really aside from the Chargers some how forgetting where Oakland is and ending up in Farmington, New Mexico they have no shot.
Winner: If you have not noticed, the Chargers.

Buffalo at St. Louis 4:05 PM CBS
It did get even worse in Ram land. QB change, their best player is upset with it, their best player has not been performing as both lines have done nothing and they are the worst scoring team in the NFL at 9 points a game! Come on Trent Edwards I thought last week you could have a big week but you should definitely have one this week, don't let Lynch steel to much of your thunder!
Winner: Buffalo, hard to think that the Raiders have a roommate, but they do, the Rams. Detroit though happens to be sleeping in the car in their driveway.

Washington at Dallas 4:15 PM FOX
Classic match-up. Redskins have been showing signs of life, Campbell had a solid week and Portis continues to have his pockets straight. But the Cowboys have just looked good. TO only two catches no problem, Barber will pound it out, Jones will hit a HR (3 TD's in 3 games for the rook), and hey Miles Austin does what Crayton was supposed to do. But with these NFC East math-ups you still expect that the Redskins will keep it close.
Winner: Cowboys, they should win the battle in the trenches (No Taylor for WAS) and its not a prime time game so Romo should not have as many bad plays in him.

Philadelphia at Chicago 8:15 PM NBC
This is shaping up well for Da Bears. McNabb is banged up, Westbrook is a game time decision, but the defense is still coming along for the trip. A banged up McNabb is still better then Brian Greise in my book and I don't see Kyle Orton and Loyld having the same type of success through the air as they did last week. Jim Johnson has his defense rolling after shutting down the Steelers look for them to keep it going. The Bears defense will make plays to keep this from being a blowout, but...
Winner: Philly, Bears blew a late lead last week and outside of Forte I don't see any other Bear steeping up, so get your chunky soup ready!

Baltimore at Pittsburgh 8:30 PM ESPN
Well we picked the rookie QB's last week, have Ryan going down to the Panthers but here...Flacco has been a rookie QB, it is what he is, but the defense has been Ravens like. Keep in mind that they have played one less game then the rest of the league, but their numbers will still be among the league leaders come seasons end. With everyone jumping on the Ravens, Willie Parker out, Big Ben banged up, this is going to be a smash mouth game. Mendenhal has given the Ravens some material through a text to his buddy Ray Rice saying they will come out on top so he better back it up... Steelers D could be with out Troy P. as well lending to their problems but I still don't see Flacco doing enough to complement the run game.
Winner: Steelers, in a close one. Both D's will cause turnovers and the Steelers sneak by with that extra FG as Big Ben sucks it up to make one more play to push them ahead!