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09-19-2008, 10:27 PM
In our week two rundown we came out 11-4 looking at the match ups. Only speed bumps were the Raiders, (KC is horrid) as they ran for 300 yards and a win, believing in Farves past to much and not looking at the present, dang FG's got me in MIN score a TD Vikes, and the Saints offense falling on its face. Don't have as much time as I would like to go as deep as I did last week and get the stats I love to use in, so here is Week 3 quick take style!

Kansas City @ Atlanta 1:00pm (EST) CBS
Expect for Mike Smith to establish the ground game early. Tampa's D shut down Turner, but the Chiefs are coming off giving up 300 yards to DMac and company. Turner should pound it early forcing the Chiefs to creep in. With two rookie corners starting Brandon Carr and Brandon Flowers for KC, look for the Falcons to use the missile Jerious Norwood and wide out Roddy White to attack the Chiefs down field. #rd QB in as many weeks for KC, not good. Tyler Thigpen will face a Falcons D that will pen its ears back and attack with John Abraham. With a weak line, no threat of a run game, Thigpen will be on the move quit a bit. X-factor could be Tony Gonzales who had a score last week but I don't see Thigpen being able to find Tony enough for the Chiefs to have an edge.
Note: Tony Gonzales needs just 85 yards to become the all time leading receiver at TE, already leads in receptions and touchdown catches.
Winner: The Battle of Rebuilds goes to Atlanta who starts out 2-0 at home! Enjoy it wile you can Falcons fans.

Oakland @ Buffalo 1:00pm CBS
Fargas out, Dmac sore toe, M. Bush the big man ready to go with plenty of ability. Problem is the Bills defense has evolved into a solid unit lead by Aaron Schoble and Marcus Stroud. Don't count on many running lanes being available, Bills shut down Mojo and Taylor last week. The question is the secondary but Russell has yet shown he can be effective passing the ball, does not help that he has not targets but he will have to make plays down field if the Raiders want to stay in this one. I am looking for Trent Edwards to have a big game, Lynch will get his touches but Evans, Hardy, Royal, and Parrish should slice through that Raiders secondary.
Winner: Bills, better defense, better special teams, and no crazy owners in Buffalo!

Tampa Bay @ Chigago 1:00pm Fox
Both teams have a solid run game, defenses that are bouncing back, and lack a passing attack. Shapes up for a classic defensive battle in Solider Field as the Bucs will miss their threat at WR Joey Galloway who is out with an injury and Devin Hester's ribs are not god to go. Kyle Orton has fallen into the dreaded Tavaris Jackson category, lacking the ability to make plays down field. This is definitely a match up that lacks excitement to anyone who is not a fan of either team. With Hester out who becomes the player that could swing the momentum? Vasher, or the Bears defense? I like EG, the Bucs safeties, and their LB's but don't see enough.
Winner: Bears, buy a FG. Which reminds me these two kickers should put up some solid fantasy points this week! Its pretty much by default, home field advantage and the teams are almost mirror images of each other.

Carolins @ Minnesota 1:00pm Fox
Great time to get Steve Smith back. Vikings should be able to limit Stewart and Williams because it is what they do. However they showed last week that the way to win against them is through the air. The Colts overcame a 15-0 deficit with big plays to Anthony Gonzales and Reggie Wayne. A gimpy AP does not do any good for a team that was looking to spark its offense with the addition by subtraction, inserting Gus Ferrote into the line up. The Panthers D likes the take aways and I can see Gus throwing a pick early. Setting up the Panthers offense, Smith opening it up for Moose and getting himself down field as well.
Winner: Pamthers, shaky times in Minny at the moment and Carolin could not have asked for anything better, two wins without Steve Smith, and to get him back!? They are that much more confident and will leave the Dome 3-0!

Miami @ New England 1:00pm CBS
Nice second opponent for Matt Cassell and the Patriots. You know Randy Moss will be involved in this game plan, they will need him with injuries to Moroney and Morris at the moment, will see lots of Kevin Faulk/Lamont Jordan. Dolphins are still bad, smoked last week by the Cards and Randy Moss should have no problem finding a few holes. If anyone has seen Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams can you tell them that the seasons has started? Thanks. Patriots defense can lock and load and go after Chad Pennington.
Winner: Patriots, at home. Cassel really in for a let down against the Dolphins? Even so the defense won't allow the Dolphins to score enough points to have a shot in this one, 20-10 type of game.

Cincinnati @ New York Giants 1:00pm CBS
Well the Giants have had a nice schedule to open the season! Redskins, Rams and now the Bengals. Eli and company have looked good and no reason they should not look good here. Jacobs, Burress and Eli will get you all the fantasy points you need. Palmer will again have very limited time in the pocket which does not bode well for an offense according to Chad Ocho Cinco that has no confidence. Well Chad, Justin Tuck and his buddies will make it hard for Palmer to get you the ball. Hopefully you have not been practicing your celebration to much cause you might not get a chance to use it until late in the fourth qtr if the Giants are playing soft.
Winner: Giants, keep rolling and getting more confidence heading into the NFC East battle that is ahead for them.

Houston @ Tennessee 1:00pm CBS
No 40 mph winds in the forecast for this one. Collins should be able to open the passing game up a bit more against the Texans even with Gage being iffy with a leg injury. Even so the duo of LenDale White and Chirs Johnson have been a great spark for the Titans offense and look again to have a solid weekend. Houston has a lot going on at the moment, early buy week due to Hurricane Ike will do that. I thought they might come out with energy if they played last week but I can see a let down in the making here. Texans should play tough as it is an AFC South contest, Finnegen vs A. Johnson a good match up but the Texans might be a little rusty and that will be the fork in the wheel.
Winner: Titans, at home lead by a solid ground game and defense, Collins will have one big play down field to blow it open...

Arizona @ Washington 1:00pm Fox
Cards offense has been on fire, Kurt Warner has shown he does not want to be a back up or go back to the AFL. Skins did enough last week to spoil the Saints offense but it was a team in transition at the moment. The Cards come in healthy, Fitz and Boldin both filling up the stat sheet and a defense that many like. Portis did his thing on the ground but the Skins are going to need a few strikes down field in this one to keep pace in this one. Still see shaky points for the Zorn offense ahead.
Winner: Arizona, yes the Cards! This is their time, no one standing in their way for an NFC West title and if they can get enough out of Edge/Hightower to pose some what of a ground threat, watch out.

09-19-2008, 10:28 PM
Detroit @ San Francisco 4:05pm Fox
Like Frank Gore, filling that stat sheet up this year on my fantasy team. But I am still not sold on the 49ers, people like their defense and say Martz will make a difference, but to me they are still middle of the pack until they beat the Cards. Can see plenty of points being put up here, Kitna vs O'Sullivan the battle of the lesser known, the ones who never got a shot. Mainly due to the defenses. Start your Lions WR/ Niners WR and of course Frank Gore!
Winner: Lions. Yes they are bad but I think Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams will score more then Bryant Johnson and Isaac Bruce. If you are a defender be sure to say you prayers on Saturday night.

St. Lious @ Seattle 4:05pm Fox
Well....Seattle brought in two receivers (Colbert, Robinson), not sure if I would want to be a WR in Seattle at the moment because there is some bad voodoo going on. Julius Jones had a solid game on the ground last week and the defense still has players. But they lost to the Niners anyway. The Rams are in the same boat, not injuries they just are not a good team. Few young players with upside but no chemistry what so ever and the offense which was supposed to be their bright spot, not so much. Highlight has been watching Jackson's hair as he gains his 40-50 yards a game... Game will be a good confidence booster for either team that is looking to salvage something at this moment.
Winner: Seattle. At home will use the ground game to control the ball enough to limit the chances of the rams doing something magical on offense.

New Orleans @ Denver 4:05pm Fox
Another shootout in the making. Almost the same keys as last week for the Chargers game, which defense will force that extra turn over to make the difference? SD almost did it but its was ruled an incomplete pass. Contrary to what people are saying the times Selvin Young has touched the ball he has had some solid runs. But the Broncos are like a Big 12 team at the moment (spread offense) and are blazing a trail lead by Jay Cutler! Saints D will be looking to get McKinze back but they are still trying to overcome injuries on defense. The Saints offense should get back on track as well as the Broncos has yet to show improvement on D, 3-2-6 look not working , and the LB's still look lost at times.

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia 4:05pm CBS
Good game. Two bad it is on at the same time as the Broncos game because this one I would watch closely. Both teams are at full throttle and looking for a strong year. Great backs on both sides, two hard nosed Qbs, defenses that will by flying to the football, that's Pennsylvania football for you. Who does not want to see what Jackson will do as an encor to his fling at the one yard line?
Winner: Phily, McNabb is a man on a mission at home I like him to get it done.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis 4:05pm CBS
The Jags are struggaling and the Colts are coming off a big win against the Vikings. The Jags o-line is patch work at the moment and they have not been able to spring Mojo or Taylor at all this year and Garrard is no where near his form from last year. Not making good throws with no run game, bad combo. The Colts even with Bob Sanders out 4-6 weeks have to be feeling a little pep on offense; Clark and Saturday will be back, Gonzales is a player at WR and Harrison and Wayne are still there! Jags defense has not been elite so far and gave up just enough room for the Bills to get one in Jacksonville last week.
Winner: Colts. Jospeh Addia comes out of whitness protection, Vikings D is not here this week.

Cleveland @ Baltimore 4:05pm CBS
Oh do the Browns ever need this one. The offense is not explosive, Braylon Edwards is droping passes left and right and bad waether conditions helped them stay close to the Steelers last week. The Ravens are 1-0, defense will be with out Kelly Greg for two weeks but still have to be feeling good after there week one shut donw of Cincy. Don't see much carrying over from that game as they were forced to have an early bye week as well. This one could be ugly as I have no hope in the Browns offense until I see them do something. The Ravens are going to be working Willis M. back into the lineup as well, and Flacco needs to find Todd Heap who they say is healthy this week but you never know with him... Good weather in the forcast this weekend in Baltimore.
Winner: Ravens... I can't belive I picked two rookie QB's to win this week! The Browns have just been so disapointing and at least the Ravens have a defense that they like. If Edwards catches a pass it will turn this game around inthe other direction.

Dallas @ Green Bay 8:15 pm NBC
Another good match up. High profile teams and players, can you say a repeat of Monday night football? Romo will have his turnover then hit a big one down field and the Barbarian will role. Rodgers has looked good and will get his shot to really make people forget about Farve. But can he keep pace with the Cowboys offense? The Lions came back last week for a 25-24 lead untill John Kitna imploded and threw two picks including a touchdown the Charles Woodson. Romo won't do that and evenwith out Roy Willaims who went down with a broken forarm the Cowboys defense will pressure Aaron.
Winner: Dallas.

NY Jets @ San Diego 8:30pm ESPN
All the Farve excitment and nothing to show for it. The offense has yet to be explosive with Farve slinging the ball and the defense has been ok. They missed a good opportunity to keep pace in the East last week, the Bills definitly look like the front runners now. San Diego is mad, LT's toe is hurt, but Rivers can still throw. At home I look for the Chargers to put plenty of points up on the board and have the Jets defense going to circles with our with out LT.
Winner: Chargers...boo

09-19-2008, 10:45 PM
Maybe I did not read it close enough but who are you picking int eh DEN/NOL game..

Though you were pretty close on almost all of them..

LOINs and PHILLY I do not think so but could be wrong.

Ravens and then AZ in WAS not sold on those either..

But solid reasoning on all of your picks..

Great post overall..