View Full Version : Preseason: The Dreaded game!

08-29-2008, 08:19 PM
Week four of the pre-season is upon us. If you haven't noticed there have been some pretty big injuries, Giants DE Osi Umenyiora headlines a list that no one wants to, out for the season with a torn muscle in his knee, Colts C Jeff Saturday found out that he will be out at least six weeks and could miss the whole season with knee damage, and countless other players have fallen victim to the dreaded injury in a game that does not count! But the preseason is still something that is needed but four games? Is that to many?

Coach's know how to handle playing time when it comes to their star players, a few series and some don't even play at all. Anytime you are on a football field with twenty two other players flying around your injury risk is going to be up there, its part of the game. There are very little times during the season when a player feels good. The problem is that you can not just take away a game. Games bring in money, owners love money, the NFL likes money, it is usually all about the money. No way that you could get eliminating a game past the owners. Ah, but there is a proposal on Roger Goodell's desk to shorten the preseason by two games! But wait, there's more! Those two games would be added onto the regular season for a whopping 18 game regular season! And you know what those two extra games would bring in even more revenue because they count. That's great for owners, but is it what players would want? Depending on standings that would mean two full games of snaps for all players, instead of standing on the sidelines holding a clipboard not getting dirty. Since they count would the players have no problem playing the extra two games? I can not answer that but what I can say is I don't like that idea.

The NFL is always looking to tweak, get bigger and better. Its pretty good right now, 32 teams, 16 regular season games, it all falls into place. Part of the draw to football season is that its only once a week for seventeen weeks plus playoffs. That might seem like a long time but it flies right by. We look forward to every game and every play. Owners and fans would both enjoy the extra games but that is putting the players through even more and risking more injury. But if it counts I guess it is ok to go down with a torn ACL? I think not.

I am for shortening the preseason some what. With OTA's, mini camps, training camps and teams practicing against each other they get plenty of work. You still need to go full speed in games to get your feet wet and be able to analyze your personal in game conditions. Which is why my idea would only take away one preseason game; still leave enough time to work your starters, and not have a that dreaded fourth game that no one looks forward to. The problem would be some teams would play two road games while others have two home games, but if you rotate schedules yearly it would even itself out. "But that one game is money! We can't lose that," owner's... Well my week one opener would be a team scrimmage held at home of course, (In a way you still have two home games). Some teams do this already and they sell out. Have some promotions, the fans will show up buy tickets, merchandise etc.. Hopefully no one gets hurt in the inter squad game, heck you could even make it a offense vs defense type thing and like I said before build in promotions to keep the fans around or get them there early. Then you would have three games, regular preseason games to get in all your vanilla defenses. It might not seem like a major change but I think if coach's managed it right they could eliminate reps if they wanted to and still have enough time to get in all the needed reps they feel. It definitely would cut down the amount of live game action that players would have to face.

Now this is not going to eliminate injuries. The only thing that will do that is not playing. But it will essentially take away the fourth preseason game in which coach's are just looking to get by without injury and still leave enough "playing time" to get done what is needed. Adding two regular season games would defeat the whole point of shortening the preseason in my mind. Less is more in this case, no need to go over the top, the game of football is great and for those seventeen weeks everyday our eyes and ears are peeled for any story about or team and our fantasy players!