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08-04-2008, 07:05 PM
Redskins Preview For The Season


The Washington Redskins haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1991. Despite this, they could be a surprise team next season. The Redskins made the playoffs last year, but never really progressed after that. However, this year's team could be different. After last year's Super Bowl shock, teams like the Redskins have hope. Teams that are seen as mere playoff contenders feel that they can follow the Giants footsteps.

Of course, for the Redskins to excel, they will need good play from their Quarterback. Young Quarterback Jason Campbell could excel under Jim Zorn. Jason Campbell has always looked like an ok Quarterback, but he has never really had a full season to show his talents. Jason Campbell has a really quick release on his throw as well as a very powerful arm. Campbell really needs to concentrate on being accurate because he has his moments when you don't know who the pass was intended for. Jim Zorn has already expressed his desire to make Jason Campbell the key focus of his offense. If Jason Campbell can get a decent 16 game season under his belt, he could find himself the future for the Redskins at QB. Another one to remember is Colt Brennan, who could end up playing a bigger part in the Redskins future than most think.

For sure, the running game will need to do well for Campbell to do well. It would probably be better if Clinton Portis stuck to football instead of disguises. Speed and finesse are what he brings to the table, but after only averaging 3.9 yards per carry last season, Ladell Betts will need to have a good season as well to help out Clinton. Betts surpassed 1,000 yards two seasons ago, but didn’t really feature in last seasons campaign. For the offense to succeed, they need a good motor in the running game.

I personally do not believe the Redskins Wide Receivers are up to the standards that are needed to win a Super Bowl. They are decent, but should not be considered “good”. There is no one there than can get 90+ catches in a season. Santana Moss is their best option, but after him, there is no real threat. Randel El is way overrated. He is a good return man and good for trick plays, but he’s not a great receiver. A lot definitely depends on second round picks, Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas. The first half of the season will be hard for them, as it is for any rookie receiver, but the Redskins will hope by the later half of the season that they are playing better. Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas could be the future.

Where does this leave the offense then? Well, they have a Quarterback who could be good, but could only be above average. They have a running game that could be good, but could only be above average. Their receivers are pretty average as well, however, they are young. There is one major positive though, they have a good offensive line. Despite having injuries last season, their offensive line was one of the better lines in the league. I always say, “If you have a good offensive line, you are going places”. A good offensive line will give the Quarterback an extra few seconds to pass and create a bigger whole for the running back to hit. This will be key for the Redskins next season.

Last season, the Redskins defense was ranked 8th in the league. With the addition of Jason Taylor, they have automatically gotten better. Remember the key to the Giants Super Bowl win last year? It was a deadly pass rush. Put Andre Carter on one side, and Jason Taylor on the other and you have one of the best pass rushing defenses in the league. Jason Taylor may be old, but he knows this is one of his last chances to win a Super Bowl and he will be HUNGRY. It will be up to Anthony Montgomery and Cornelius Griffin too clog up the inside lanes.

The LB’s for the Redskins are looking good. London Fletcher in the middle pretty much secures things. However, they also have Rocky McIntosh who is one for the future. Rocky racked up 87 tackles in 13 starts last season and was solid all through his playing time.

The main worry for the Redskins defensively is the secondary. Shawn Springs has become a liability and there is no real good cornerback to partner him. The Redskins are going to have to hope that the defensive line can cause enough havoc to protect the Cornerbacks from being beat (similar to the Giants situation, no?). Of course, Laron Landry will be improved and better than he was last season. Landry could end up turning out to be one of the leagues best at that position.

Overall, the Redskins have a very good chance if a couple of things go right. Just like the Giants last season, they will need their Quarterback to step up, a decent running game, their DE’s to get to the Quarterback and a bit of luck. It would be an added bonus if their receivers played well, but if the other parts of the offense step up, the receivers may only have to be average.
A lot will rely on Jim Zorn doing a good job as it is his first year in charge. Clever decisions and good player management on his part will see the Redskins go a long way.

The Redskins will definitely make the playoffs, however, they are in a very tough division and it will make things hard. The Cowboys are one of the leagues best and the Giants are of course Champions. The Eagles have also made improvements. Despite this, the Redskins are a team moving forward. A team that doesn’t look amazing at the moment, but if a couple of players develop the right way, they could be up there with the Giants. What do you think?