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09-17-2007, 11:49 AM
Derek Anderson has possibly the most awkward job in the whole of the NFL.

The Cleveland media, fans and even team are all excited about this young kid they drafted, Brady Quinn. The Cleveland media and fans are calling for Quinn to play, after all, it would seem Quinn is the future of the Cleveland Browns. That leaves Derek Anderson, current starter at Quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, in a very awkward position. He has to start, take all the criticism, all the heat, untill Crennel decides to start Quinn. Every mistake Anderson makes, every off pass he throws, will be scrutinized by the Cleveland media and fans.

After a poor opening game against the Steelers, Derek Anderson was questioned, heavily. The Cleveland Browns saw potential in Derek Anderson though, they decided to trade away their starting Quarterback of last season, Charlie Frye. This left Derek Anderson in the starters seat, a position Derek Anderson had rarely seen before, he jumped at his opportunity.

An AFC North rivalry, a big game, Browns V Bengals. What a day for Derek Anderson, 5 touchdown passes, 328 passing yards, 20comp/33att (60.6%), he did this all on only 1 interception. He put these numbers up playing for the Browns offense, he had no Marvin Harrison, he had no Reggie Wayne, no Jeff Saturday, none of that, he just used his skill. Of course Braylon Edwards is a good promising receiver just as Kellen Winslow is a good promising tight end, Joe Jurevicius isn't too bad either and the Browns offensive line has improved. Yet the Browns offense still isn't anything special, Derek Anderson put up a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady type performance, without their weapons.

Of course, trust from your team mates boosts your confidence and moral:

"We just wanted to tell him: 'We're behind you. You didn't win this job by default,' " said Edwards. "He relaxed and had fun."

"Obviously we believe in the guy and I think everybody else needs to realize he's a legitimate quarterback. For Derek Anderson to come out there and shun the criticism that he's heard for a long time now, and to go out and throw as many TDs as he did and lead the offense up and down the field, hats off to Derek." Said Jurevicius.

It seems like his teammates are settled on Anderson, it seems like they all knew he had it in him, something the media and fans doubted.

"I had a lot of fun out there today," Anderson said with the game ball still in his possession an hour after the game.

This quote begs the question, how many more times will Anderson be allowed to have " fun" out there?

If he can continue to put up good, consistent numbers then who's to say Quinn will see any action at starter this year? Of course Anderson won't put up 5 touchdowns consistently, that standard would be too high even for Peyton Manning, but good consistent numbers will do the trick. Aslong as Anderson doesn't get too excited throwing, he will need to calm down, that is his weakness.

Of course it is inevitable that Brady Quinn will takeover at some point, but Anderson will look to make Quinn wait as long as possible.

How do you spell the name of an underrated Quarterback who has a rocket arm and is very passionate about the game?

Derek Anderson.

09-17-2007, 11:54 AM
A couple of things to add.

Credit goes to the Cleveland Plain Dealer for the Braylon Edwards, Joe Jurevicus and Derek Anderson quotes.

Another thing, I don't have a high opinion of Derek Anderson because he threw 5 touchdowns against the Bengals, I have always had a high opinion of him (since he entered the league). Of course the 5 touchdowns against the Bengals improved my opinion of him.

I just don't want people thinking I think so highly of him JUST because he threw 5 touchdowns against the Bengals, I expected a breakout game early on this season from him.