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Broncos Mtnman
09-15-2007, 01:47 PM
OK everybody....

I'm getting a late start on this, but in Denver, it's officially Raider Hater week. Feel free to post your feelings about the team who holds to the motto....

"Just Whine Baby"

Remember to keep it PG-13. I don't want my thread deleted or anyone getting into trouble.

Post jokes, cartoons, commentary, anything you want. Smack away, Bronco Nation. Be proud to be a...


Broncos Mtnman
09-15-2007, 01:49 PM

Broncos Mtnman
09-15-2007, 01:59 PM
A man walked into an Oakland bar with a dachshund under his arm. The dog was wearing an Oakland Raiders jersey and helmet, and was festooned with Raiders pom-poms.

The bartender said, "Hey! No pets are allowed in here! You'll have to leave!"

The guy begged him, "Look, I'm desperate. We're both big fans, the TV is broken, and this is the only place around where we can see the game!"

After securing a promise that the dog will behave, and warning him that he and the dog will be thrown out if there's any trouble, the bartender relented and allowed them to stay in the bar and watch the game.

The big game began with the Raiders receiving the kickoff. They marched down the field, got stopped at about the 30, and kicked a field goal.

With that the dog jumped up on the bar, and began walking up and down the bar giving high-fives to everyone.

The bartender said, "Wow, that is the most amazing thing I've ever seen! What does the dog do when the Raiders score a touchdown?"

The owner replied, "I don't know, I've only had him for 4 years."

Broncos Mtnman
09-15-2007, 02:01 PM
Ok, it's an old one, but it's still funny...

A boy is taken from his home because of physical abuse. After being in the orphanage for a few weeks, he tells a social worker that he wants to leave. The social worker asks him, "Well, do you want to go back and live with your father again?"

"No," replies the boy. "He beats me."

The social worker says, "Do you want to live with your mother?"

The boy says, "No, she beats me too."

"Well, then," asks the social worker, "Who do you want to live with?"

The boy answers, "The Oakland Raiders."

The social worker is taken aback. "The Raiders? Why do you want to live with the Oakland Raiders?"

"Because," replies the boy, "They don't beat anybody."

09-15-2007, 02:11 PM
Old article....still holds true
OAKLAND , (CA)-- Oakland Raiders football practice was delayed nearly two
hours today after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery
substance on the practice field. Head coach Art Shell immediately suspended
practice and called the police and federal investigators. After a complete
analysis, FBI forensic experts determined that the white substance, unknown
to Raider players, was the GOAL LINE. Practice resumed after special agents decided the team was unlikely to encounter the substance again.

09-15-2007, 02:12 PM
Announcer: "Will the woman who left her 11 children unattended at McAfee Stadium please come pick them up? They are beating the Raiders 17-0."

09-15-2007, 02:14 PM


Broncos Mtnman
09-15-2007, 02:23 PM
Great stuff Astrass.... :laugh:

Here's another....

Why do Raider players keep their Wonderlic results on their dash boards?

So they can park in the handicap spaces.

Broncos Mtnman
09-15-2007, 02:29 PM
If you see a Raider fan on a bike, why should you not swerve to hit him?

It could be your bike.


Broncos Mtnman
09-15-2007, 02:31 PM
Why are the Raiders like a possum?

Because they play dead at home and get killed on the road.


09-15-2007, 03:38 PM
I think this should be one of our smilies...

http://img66.imageshack.us/img66/537/raiderspk3.gif (http://imageshack.us)


09-15-2007, 05:19 PM
Lamont Jordon crying about losing to the Broncos....


07-03-2011, 12:01 AM
Raiders Joke:

Q: What do you call it when someone has sex with a Raiders fan?:listen:
A: Prison rape.:lol:

07-03-2011, 12:02 AM

07-03-2011, 12:47 AM
Nothing like resurrecting four year old threads that never went anywhere.

10-09-2011, 04:23 PM


10-09-2011, 05:45 PM

I'd probably stop watching football and post online too if I had to watch the donkeys all the time :elefant:

10-09-2011, 05:54 PM
Whatever. By the way, Daniel San and Mr. Miyagi OWN Cobra Kai.

10-09-2011, 11:08 PM
Whatever. By the way, Daniel San and Mr. Miyagi OWN Cobra Kai.
How can you be in last place with the Chiefs in the division? :confused:

Besides Orton.

10-10-2011, 08:14 AM
How can you be in last place with the Chiefs in the division? :confused:

Besides Orton.

Don't pretend to not know why. Where you been the last 3 seasons?