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09-10-2007, 10:01 PM
The new team report is out from The Sporting News and I thought you all might like to take a look.


Broncos Team Report

Posted: September 9, 2007
Lee Rasizer
For Sporting News


There was some panic over the defense's preseason performance that included 44 points and 574 yards allowed in just over five quarters. But the Broncos insisted that the vanilla scheme obscured their true nature. In Buffalo, there were some positive signs in allowing just 184 total net yards. Denver effectively mixed in the blitz to get two sacks and also stacked the line and backed away into coverages to create confusion in blocking schemes. Denver's cornerbacks were able to handle the Bills' big-play receivers one-on-one off the blitz and allowed only one big play overall -- on a running play. The biggest concern has to be the shoddy tackling against rookie RB Marshawn Lynch, who pounded out 90 yards and a touchdown. But that's likely correctable. And the Broncos' four-man rush didn't generate much heat without sending extra attackers, something that should improve once Simeon Rice gets into game shape ... Denver's special teams mostly picked up where it left off last season. That's not a good thing. Denver missed tackles on a 74-yard Roscoe Parrish punt return TD. The players couldn't get off blocks on a 48-yard Terrence McGee kickoff return. And Jason Elam missed two field goals. Scott O'Brien, brought in to shore up that area, remains confident he has the athletes to get the job done but admitted there's plenty of work to do with technique to come.


Rice has an explosive first step off the snap, and his quickness around the corner against bigger tackles and closing speed to the quarterback is the primary reason he ranks second to only Michael Strahan among active players in sacks. But he also has good functional strength to get underneath the pads of linemen to power his way to the pocket too. Rice was very comfortable aligning wide at previous NFL stops -- the extra space allows him to operate against slower-footed tackles in space -- so he should fit in seamlessly in Jim Bates' scheme in that regard. The biggest question with Rice has always been his ability to hold up against the run. He doesn't always squeeze down quick enough and control his gap and plays too upright at times. The other issue right now with Rice is how much of a beating his surgically-repaired shoulder can handle. Denver is counting on a full workload soon from Rice, since Ebenezer Ekuban was lost for the season with a torn Achilles' tendon. He played behind Elvis Dumervil at Buffalo but should start if he continues to get his wind and demonstrate improvement picking up the system.


The Broncos seemingly have discovered yet another in their long line of unheralded rookie running backs in undrafted Selvin Young. A severe ankle injury nearly wrecked Young's college career at the University of Texas. Denver liked his quickness and decisiveness in the hole but, Young remained a long-shot to make the team until Andre Hall, Mike Bell and Travis Henry all went down with injuries in camp and he was afforded extra work. Young showed a strong work ethic and picked up Denver's system quickly. They also liked the mental toughness he demonstrate. Young has worked himself into the backup role behind Travis Henry and, for the time being at least, pushed both Cecil Sapp and Mike Bell to fullback.


The addition of Simeon Rice could make Elvis Dumervil's stay as a starter at defensive end short-lived. Neither player has built a reputation as a run-stopper, so whoever executes that facet better will eventually win out. Dumervil has the advantage of having the entire off-season in Denver's new scheme. But Rice has experience. However, the free-agent pickup in the short term has to prove his surgically-repaired shoulder is capable of taking a pounding to move up the depth chart in the near future.

09-10-2007, 10:08 PM
I don't know if Ricew ill help bring along moss. but i think it would be very imperative that Moss watch every step he takes. maybe we should make them live together lol

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Good stuff.

The CAnuck in me can't help but think "Toronto" when I hear "TSN".

09-10-2007, 11:24 PM
Good stuff.

The CAnuck in me can't help but think "Toronto" when I hear "TSN".

I thought you were a native Texan?

09-11-2007, 12:06 AM
I thought you were a native Texan?

Heck no! I was born in Denver and moved to Phoenix in '89 and lived there until '03 when I went to basic in San Antonio, then went to Wichita Falls for six months to learn my stuff, then Little Rock for a month, and then I arrived in Abilene where I've been stuck since March '04. I love Texas though. This country would be a much better place if every one had pride in their state like Texans do in theirs.

My family is all French-Canadian though (with spots of Polish and English).