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  1. What I learned this season.
  2. which half of tebow do you want
  3. the Pope says " Take the Steelers give them the pts"
  4. After their loss tomorrow, Tebow will perform baptisms with the tears of Steeler nation. #Priestmode
  5. Harrison
  6. Wte?
  7. How gay is Tom Brady?
  8. WTE is starting to grow on me
  9. New England is a Joke
  10. Way to represent the AFC West...
  11. Well, Broncos fans.
  12. It's only fitting...
  13. The Pats....
  14. Tom Brady clutch like Montana??
  15. Three Superbowl MVP Awards in 5 years drafted by Chargers
  16. The 2004 draft class....
  17. Bradying
  18. Brandon Meriweather
  19. Hold your Horses...
  20. I'm not worried at all.
  21. Denver FO covering asses again.
  22. So, welcome to the pay-a-ton era
  23. Peyton Manning Sucks!
  24. Once again, San Diego is premature in their performance and leaves fans wanting more...
  25. Manning screwed us, and will screw you
  26. Have the Broncos Replaced the Bengals?
  27. Chiefs' Tickets...
  28. I usually dont cheer for injuries......but
  29. Weak Smack
  31. There once was a man named Elgay....
  32. Quiefs faiders and dolts oh my!
  33. So Manning is the greatest QB ever now? LOL
  34. Just a hello and pre-emptive I told you so
  35. Texans
  36. This thread saved for OR
  37. Im sorry OaklandRaider
  38. You're not going to win. Just so you know.
  39. I guess I was right... again. I guess you were wrong... again.
  40. The Tim Tebow fans...
  41. Now That We Pounded That Ass.................
  42. Peyton owns Papa Johns, a few Buicks AND the AFC West!
  43. McCluster gets scolded by elderly woman
  44. Epsn week 12: Broncos locker room motivational poster
  45. To the Chargers, Raiders, and Chiefs - who is the lamest of them all?
  46. Flaccid Chargers Smack Vid
  47. You guys ready to have your season ended in humiliating fashion again?
  48. Patriots v Denver in post season (breakdown)
  49. congrats on succeeding with Peyton
  50. Vastly, VASTLY overrated.
  51. ....
  52. PO wins as a Bronco: Manning 0, Tebow 1
  53. seems like deja vu to me...
  54. Ha ha ha rmfaol!!!!!
  55. ColtBoy19's Manning Threads
  56. What is NEP doing right now?
  57. Caption This
  58. Hey Pats fans!
  59. Patriot fans burning Welkers jersey
  60. Breaking News…Tom Brady is Ready to Come Out of the Closet
  61. Bow to your Master.
  62. Mirror Mirror on the Wall...
  63. WTE is dying
  64. Patriots suck!!!
  65. Denver broncos rule the world
  66. Welker
  67. Expectations
  68. All You Ever Wanted to Know About Football
  69. Just visited Colorado for the first time.
  70. New England has problems with all the Receivers turnover....Really?
  71. You guys looked great tonight.
  72. The good news out of Denver...
  73. Pats in action tonight!
  74. What's all the flack over Flacco?
  75. AFC West.....the weakest Division in the League
  76. If you ever lose your job....
  77. How are the Broncos going to ever lose another game!
  78. Peyton stayed in the game...
  79. Pansy trolls....sit down until further notice!
  80. Steelers Suck
  81. Ravens Suck!!!
  82. Why do the Chargers choke big leads away on MNF?
  83. Breakout Night for NE
  84. Joke
  85. Really Raiders? You've got to be kidding.
  86. Hey guys, this is actually WTE - Time for Facts!
  87. 'Raiders fan' strips on Manchester airport tarmac, gets tased
  88. Was that you, WTE, I passed this afternoon..?
  89. Another classic comeback, for the ages!
  90. Hard to believe
  91. Update on Jay Cutler's Injury...
  92. Dear Chefs
  93. The Josh McDaniels tribute thread
  94. Sure has been quiet this week...
  95. You guys are a lot better at running your mouths than winning football games.
  96. Historic SLAYING of the Peyton Manning Broncos.
  97. Which NFL Team has the worst fans?
  98. Texans Suck!
  99. Tom Brady at the end of the Pats game today.
  100. Broncos Vs Pats AFC Championship predictions
  101. Post Your Favorite Brady Pic
  102. NE Patriots AFC Champs 2014 shirts already on sale.
  103. #eabodwte
  104. Hey NEP
  105. Richard Sherman is a P O S.
  106. WTE's Elementary Insults thread.
  107. Wilson is Coming...
  108. Hahaha
  109. Good job SeAdderall She-Cawks
  110. Dear Tebow fans:
  111. And Raider fan:
  112. Really want to piss off the 12th man?
  113. Patriots are not just cheaters but they are also BIG FAT liars!!!
  114. MO's Former Bronco Commentary Thread
  115. Haha Oakland can't even afford their own stadium.
  116. Mile High Ride
  117. That time when Tom Brady got BENCHED in KFC on MNF
  118. Terrorist in KFC
  119. Brady contemplating the possibility of leaving the Patriots
  120. This is always good for Chargers week...
  121. Haha Oakland
  122. We the best (Chargers Diss)
  123. Raiders Week
  124. The five worst teams in NFL history
  125. actual posts on Chiefs Planet
  126. Hey King!
  127. The Red Sox Suck, No Matter What
  128. Uh, what happened to the LOL list thread?
  129. King
  130. *Patriots
  131. Seahawks fans are dumb, and Akeem Ayers is hilarious.
  132. Derek Carr or Peyton Manning?
  133. If there's ever a time to let WTE back...
  134. Hey WTE!
  135. gronk spike and brady boy
  136. Ranking some other fanbases
  137. Superbowl Meme roundup
  138. Fun Fact
  139. In honor of WTEs return
  140. Bengals Suck!
  141. Texans Suck!
  142. So Raiders, here we come....
  143. Raiders Sign Carr to an absurd deal
  144. Poor Raiders.
  145. Patriots at Crappy Broncos Game Day Thread
  146. The Official Pity Thread for the Patriots
  147. Jon Gruden: A has-been