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  1. Marshall, class act
  2. I've been perusing the Broncos' 2009 Media Guide . . .
  3. Psychology of a Chargers fan
  4. Some funny shit happened the other day...
  5. Raiders Cut 2009 6th Round Pick before he is signed
  6. Guess who was owned by a high school QB ?
  7. Lol @ Al Davis' Comments/Former Faider Crying
  8. Baseball sucks, should be cancelled permanently.
  9. thank you al davis....wherever you are ?
  10. The Official 1983 Thread
  11. Casino sues Broncos' Jordan over $20K debt
  12. Al Davis OWNS Raiders Fans.
  13. I nearly forgot about Steeler fans
  14. Jay Cutler jersey burn month!
  15. How do you guys like Orton?
  16. Where's Tumbana?
  17. There really isn't much you can do but laugh
  18. Al Davis' tweets.
  19. So uh, Oakland Faider....
  20. Wow Orton looked incredible!!!
  21. Stop bitching about Cutler/Orton
  22. I'm going to go ahead and call it
  23. The official Monday morning excuse thread
  24. Smackers rating thread
  25. some stuff from post regarding mcqueef and marshall fued and moves by broncos fron office
  26. Week one My Bengals> Your Broncos: Wanna bet?
  27. The Blitz Cutler 20 times thread
  28. So I'm watching "The Most Talented Team in Football" play the Saints...
  29. Raiders vs. Broncos: Avatar, Sig and Custom User Title Bet
  30. watching the Bears Broncos game
  31. Cutler looked goooood
  32. Jay Cutler song from 104.3...funny ish
  33. Fan Police
  34. Jay Cutler Turns Into "Gay" Cutler
  35. Hitler gets mad at Josh McDaniels
  36. Raider Boy, we got some business
  37. Unpublished books by current and former NFL players
  38. Baggin' on the Lions
  39. Shawne Merriman is dumber than Lendale White
  40. Take a Nap, Dr Velcro...Fred the Bunny's going to Play.
  41. WTF is the NFL Doing???
  42. Oh Boy, Bears fans are pissed.
  43. Here's to a commitment of excrement
  44. Jay Cutlerís Chicago Honeymoon is Over
  45. LT's career is pretty much over
  46. Dear OR in here (sig bet).
  47. Dear King87
  48. Colts SUCK
  49. Most Hated Raider
  50. Worst Quarterback in the game.
  51. Hey OR, tell me how my ass taste.
  52. any cards fans?
  53. i'll just say it right now
  54. D-line woes in Oaktown
  55. Tony Womo Out Three To Four Weeks (Satire)
  56. Bronco's@ Colts: sig, avy, and custom title bet
  57. Patriots vs Broncos game bet
  58. Titans LOL!!
  59. Go Steelers
  60. Cowboys SUCK.
  61. Chargers Cromartie
  62. Cutler is NO ELWAY.
  63. Official Pats Fan Visitor Page! Welcome
  64. ESPN's Updated NFL LOGO's
  65. So What's Worse? (Poll Inside)
  66. Ok, I took it like a man.
  67. Sparklers Fans Panicking already!!!!!
  68. Rest of the AFCW on Denver's 5-0 start...
  69. Buahahhahahaah dhb
  70. How many INTs will Rivers throw?
  71. That final preseason game was a sign of things to come.
  72. Notre Dame will beat USC this weekend!
  73. New Fan
  74. Shaun Phillips
  75. Congrats!!!
  76. you beat the Pats and Chargers...Okay, woop dee doo
  77. Chad Johnson sending shots at Chicago
  78. Bear boy, get over here for a whoopin
  79. Richard Seymour!!! Bawhahahahahaha
  80. Hours after Signing with the Raiders: Pigeon in trouble with the LAW!
  81. Mighy oracle bear!
  82. Who is the franchise QB?
  83. Could a UFL team beat the Raiders?
  84. Worst starter in the NFL
  85. What a choke job by Miami
  86. Who's the worst team in the league right now?
  87. Bears fan compares Cutler to Russell
  88. New england sucks
  89. "The Bronco Song" (by 3 die-hard fans!)
  90. What? No Sunday Night Football????
  91. I think I jinxed you guys
  92. Oakland Crime and Punishment
  93. Tigers>purple birds.
  94. The Ravens made the Blueprint on how to shut down the Broncos O
  95. Dortoh, MissouriBronc, Shawshank, Dogfish
  96. Orton throws his teammates under the Bus
  97. Tned....wtf is this?????
  98. What QB has Vinny Testaverde Numbers from 1989 so far
  99. Cutler throws offense under the bus
  100. I need your help
  101. Now for the positive...
  102. lol I almost fell over seeing this one.
  103. 4th and 2....WORST PLAY EVER!
  104. I can't flipping wait until this Sunday!!
  105. Chargers will slay the evil Sith
  106. Terry Bradshaw is worse at announcing
  107. raider fan sighting?
  108. There goes another $30 million of Al(zheimer's) money down the toilet
  109. Top 25 QBs
  110. Kyle Ortons's Ankle
  111. i'm allergic to Goldenrod
  112. It's time for the business Devilspawn
  113. How Many Picks Will Jay Throw Sunday Night?
  114. lol Charger fans.....
  115. Broncos 2008 Part Deux
  116. Damn, Broncos really suck
  117. would you guys like to trade D-Coordinators?
  118. Would you guys like to trade backup QBs?
  119. Seething Midwest Explodes Over Lombardi Cartoons
  120. Would you rather be 6-4 or 4-6?
  121. It's all my fault
  122. Giant can of whoop*** coming
  123. Denver Broncos Lookalike Thread
  124. King, your sig is ready!!
  125. Eli Manning........
  126. Dear Cris Collinsworth
  127. New Cutler Bang Cartoon
  128. Thank you Charlie Weis
  129. All of Sparrowhead Stadium will bow before the Broncos
  130. you hear that thud Bronco's?
  131. no thuds either way....
  132. Chiefs fans
  133. Charger Pansises.
  134. land of misfit ponies
  135. Land of Misfit Teams
  136. Merry Christmas
  137. It's all setting up to be...
  138. McHoodie LOL!
  139. Congrats KCL on a good win!
  140. thank kc for that bad taste in you mouth
  141. Broncos collapse excuse thread - merged because they are all the same anyway
  142. Why Is Bellicheck so arrogant?
  143. Joe Theismann - Permanent Mouth Closure
  144. Carson Palmer and the Bungles
  145. LT is a queer
  146. Ok San Diego...
  147. Whats new we have a Choker
  148. I get a real fuzzy feeling about this
  149. Oh feck!!!
  150. Chargers hate vid.....
  151. Antonio Cromarties Facebook last sunday
  152. Who is going to be the goat in each game....
  153. So Charger Fan, please tell me....
  154. The official Brett Farve Interception Excuse Thread for ESPN :D
  155. Sorry Colts
  156. Manning Not the G.Q.B.O.A.T
  157. Who will be the next QB to win a SB ring before Rivers??
  158. Caption this photo.
  159. Is this boltzownu ?
  160. Random, miscellaneous funny shit
  161. Which AFC East Team will turn into the Faiders of the East?
  162. Josh McDaniels benches pivotal starters for next season's finale
  163. So How Many INTS does Butthurtler Throw This Year?
  164. Mel Kiper is a fag
  165. lol Chargers fan is soooooo happy about Ryan Mathews...
  166. When did the Draft become a circus?
  167. Broncos Rumored to be Eyeing JaMarcus Russell once released...
  168. For shame, New England!
  169. Biggest bandwagon fan ever?
  170. Bogus made-up Artical says Bronco Moves were Great
  171. So how do The Broncos Start the year?
  172. Raider Fans
  173. Kyle Orton's favorite bar!!
  174. Bitcho Cinco gets jacked up!!!!!!!
  175. Maurice Clarett: Prime example of football's dark side
  176. Denver vs Pittsburgh with some jokes
  177. Tim Tebow is so Perfect
  178. Toxic waste found at Dove Valley
  179. Jaguars Suck!
  180. broncos sucks broncos sucks we own you
  181. Seahawks Suck!
  182. new look broncs are solid!
  183. Philip Rivers is NOT amused
  184. Stats are fun!
  185. Bold and fearless predictions for the game on Sunday by an unabashed Seahawks fan
  186. Donkey Fans
  187. This is how Irrelevent the Chargers are in the AFC West....
  188. Yo mama sucks
  189. Why do you want Tebow to start?
  190. Titans Suck!
  191. Ravens SUCK!!!
  192. Broncos don't have a snowballs chance in hell against the Ravens
  193. Philip Rivers SUCKS.....
  194. Jets SUCK!!
  195. The Broncos are a joke
  196. Raider fans talking about Jason Campbell and the 2010 season LMAO
  197. Chargers suck, but getting owned
  198. 49ers SUCK!!!
  199. Sig bet - Donks cannot defeat the Mighty Bye Week
  200. come on Donks, buck expectations and win vs Chiefs
  201. Broncos defense proving porous against run
  202. Haley possibly beaten up by McD
  203. Marshall to Cutler
  204. I Want to Punch Philip Rivers in his Smug Face
  205. Chiefs Shaun Smith - Going for the Sack
  206. Rams SUCK!!!
  207. Cardinals Suck!!
  208. Welcome to Studesville - Population Zero
  209. The Broncos are Horrible This Year...
  210. 59-14
  211. McNabb must suck to get benched for Rex Freaking Grossman
  212. i'll just leave this here raiders fans
  213. Ed Hocculi sucks
  214. We are undefeated!!!!
  215. Congrats to Oakland
  216. So Elway huh......good luck with that
  217. Al Davis continuing the "Oakland Raider Way"
  218. Thanks for taking the AFCW beat down for the rest of us KCL!!
  219. Donkey fans all suck
  220. Written by a Raider fan in a bathroom stall in Oakland
  221. What the hell is Tom Brady doing here?
  222. HG test to start deal finalized
  223. If it's to good to be true it probably is!
  224. How badly will we embarrass you in Denver THIS year?
  225. Is Al Davis a genius???
  226. Broncos picture
  227. Trap game!!!!
  228. Denver Broncos vs The Bye Week
  229. Kenny Anderson Sucks ****
  230. Shane Lechler > Orton/Tebow
  231. Carson Palmer throws TDs!!!
  232. Most pathetic forum ever. Chargers Forums
  233. Watch out Oakland: Tim Tebow is coming to town!
  234. Things > Tebow
  235. How badly will Denver embarrass the Raiders in Oakland THIS year?
  236. Interesting Take from a Jets Forum
  237. How Badly will Oakland Raider embarass himself on this forum
  238. well Jesus H Tebow
  239. How many times will Doom & Miller feed Sanchez "mile high mud" tonight
  240. Hey Bart Scott
  241. Bakery.
  242. !?%* The NY Jets
  243. The DRIVE Jr. From the jets point of view
  244. So Orton is KC's Savior
  245. 'sup, chumps!?
  246. Raiders are ELITE
  247. Gay for Kyle
  248. Broncos to Super Bowl
  249. Your team has no chance this next game.
  250. Giants - Broncos Superbowl